Sunday, 28 July 2013

 My life is always a little on the complicated side and it only takes one or two extra things to complicate matters so the building of the conservatory has been a major undertaking. Very well worth it though and it is now finished. Frustrating that I am now away for the next two weeks so cannot do all the fun finishing touches. Even though it is not finished it looks great.

I wasn't going to have the rattan furniture as I am not a big fan of this style but it looks good so I am getting new cushions made. I am keeping my ebay purchase of  Stressless sofa though. So comfortable. It is the first 'big' thing that I have prurchased on ebay and I am delighted.

Colin and Tom - the builders - were great. The only real problem was the fact that they wore shorts and Smudge (who can't resist a nice juicy calf) kept licking their legs. he even had a little nip once or twice.

Now we are in a hotel in Lancashir so I am 'the blogger from Burnley. Doing a talk and mini workshop at Gawthorpe Hall later today. More on that, I am sure in a subsequent blog. We will be home late this evening and I am off again tomorrow for a girls stitch retreat at Kingcombe, deep in the lovely Dorset countryside. As soon as I'm home it is time for the Festival of Quilts. I am doing three talks and being interviewed by someone for something.

Luckily we had a lovely gentle drive up yesterday with afternoon tea at Baddesley Clinton - an NT pile near Warwick.

Sweet moated house - not too big. The scones were a bit heavy but the garden was lovely. This hot weather has brought out all the bees and butterflies.

Time to go now. Will have a more stitchy blog next time, showing yoy what I have been doing with my new Bernina Cutting device.

Great news on Wow - now definitely saved, thanks to everyone's efforts and the Septemebre issue is lovely.


Jill said...

I thought you had Ray Mears working on your conservatory for a moment there. You sound very busy, I hope you find a moment to enjoy it.

Heather said...

The conservatory is looking great - nice that you are not overlooked and can sit in private. You seem to be as busy as ever and will hopefully be able to relax out there on your return from all the commitments.
Our daughter's dog licks bare feet so sandals can be very ticklish.

gilby said...

Conservatory looks great. Looking forward to your talks at the Festival of Quilts, i have tickets for the Friday morning.

Maggi said...

What a lovely place you will have to sit in and relax when you have finished your travels.

Robin Mac said...

What a lovely drive you had, I love the photo of the butterfly. The conservatory looks wonderful - now doubt you will be having fun mentally planning what you will do with it when you return home. I am glad WOW has been saved. Cheers