Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Taking Time Out

Well that's the last commitment over and done with and now it's time for some fun stuff. Over the past six weeks or so, we hardly seem to have been home. We've travelled a lot, met some lovely people and worked pretty hard. I am really looking forward to getting in my workroom and doing some stitching.

The last away time was for the Festival of Quits in Birmingham. The show has now moved completely to the new management, Upper Street Events, and it seemed to be as good, or even better than ever. I gave several talks and the techies were great - although my own personal techie set us up in his usual confident way.  For the first time, there was a tutors' breakfast meeting with coffee and croissants (and great goody bags). There were no long winded speeches - just an appreciation of the role of the tutors, which was really good to hear on the first day. I think the show is in safe hands.

I loved the quilts by Annabel Rainbow and Laura Kemshall on their Through our Hands stand.  Annabel's is from the Life series, a detail of 'On the Shelf'.

I had trouble working out the titles of Laura's, my system failed me. It was great, of course.

Next to them were Sue Chapman and Terrie Hitchcock. Terrie sold all her dolls.

have reviewed both these exhibitions in the free review section of September's Workshop on the Web. There is also a full review of the show from Sam Packer.

I did my interview with someone for something. Here's a pic. The someone didn't know what is was for either but we had a very good giggle and she asked some very good questions.

Apart from getting my teeth into some new work in the next six weeks (no gigs for six weeks - feels like school's out time), I shall be editing our next d4daisy book. This is going to be techniques and wisdom from six textile artists: Elizabeth Brimelow, Ro Bruhn, Ruth Lee, Siân Martin, Olga Norris and Beryl Taylor. I'm sure that you all know and love Ro's work. Here is a pic.

The book should be out in early December and if you'd like to find out more about the artists and see their work, go to www.d4daisy.com.   There is a giveaway, too. The working title of the book is 'Six of the Best,' which I really like but fear I may get some dodgy emails with a title like that. Any ideas for a good title will certainly be up for a prize!

I also plan to get on with the exciting part of the conservatory - blinds, rugs, furniture etc. It is lovely and all those people who said I would love it were so right.

Smudge has been really grumpy since we came back - he does love a good sulk to punish us for leaving him. We were out watching the meteor showers last night when he crept up (in Jaws of Hell mode) and bit the back of my leg. I think I woke up all the neighbours - it wasn't a hard bite but, in the dark, it was really scary. I shut him in the shed for the remainder of the performance.


Heather said...

I hope you told Smudge that's no way to treat the one who loves you! Another new book to look forward to - goody goody.
Enjoy catching up on all the things you've not had time for lately.

Aussie Jo said...

We managed to sit on our north facing verandah for a lovely breakfast in the sun this morning, can't wait for winter to be over!!
Your conservatory looks wonderful, I am sure you will love it, especially in the winter.
A very aussie saying is "six pack" I'm sure those six artists have the muscle to make a big impression!!

JP said...

so looking forward to that book - i want it now!!!!!!!!

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