Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Wonderful Week

I have had a most wonderful time with my mates in Textiles..21. This is the second time I have been with the group to the Kingcombe centre, in deepest Dorset (near Dorchester). This is a residential centre, maintained by the Dorset Woldlife Trust. They do run lots of wildlifey courses but they also have textiles artists leading workshops and groups can book in to do their own thing, which is what our group does.

The surroundings are wonderful and it is great walking country. At the centre you can gain inspiration from the wild flower meadow........

......and rush into the workroom...... stitch it out. This is Chris drying out her water soluble stitching.

The food is wonderful, too and Peter the chef is so enthusiastic. He has a delicate touch and, while meals are delicious you don't feel too full. (Well only if you have second or third helpings!)

Eggs are supplied by the blonde bombshell and her mates.

Further inspiration was supplied by the cows passing the gate. They stopped to look at us and gave us a photo-opportunity with their leaf patterned hides, thanks to the shadow effect.

I used my time to explore the cutting gizmo that I have acquired for my Bernina. this is a dangly for my conservatory - deliberately twee. Cutting loads of motifs in one go was no challenge for the Bernina. I hope to play lots more.after the FoQ.

Here it is in place. The conservatory is finished and we love it but I haven't had time to sort out all the furnishings so you will have to wait until after the Festival of Quilts, next week. I am doing three talks over Thursday and Friday and I am being interviewed by someone for something at 2pm on Thursday. I think it is free, so come to the main stage and watch me make a fool of myself. See you there.


gilby said...

The conservatory looks great. I have tickets for your Friday morning lecture at the Festival of Quilts.

Heather said...

What a lovely setting for your group meeting - I love the wildflower meadow and the egg supplier.
Your dangly for the conservatory is a great success and such fun. It will be lovely to sit out there in the cooler days to come and extend the summer.
Good luck with the interview.

Robin Mac said...

I love that dangly, and what an inspirational place to go for a week - lucky you. Cheers

Ann said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had. How did you make the faces distort? With PhotoShop?

Maggie Grey said...

Looking forward to seeing you, gilby.

I used good old Paint shop pro. ann and just used thw warp brush on faces! Not very nice having your face warped, I guess.