Thursday, 17 January 2008

Cats, Clothes and Books

Stevens wishes to thank everyone for their good wishes. She is quite big-headed about her fame and is going around the house singing ‘Je Suis une blog star’.

You will gather from this that she is much better, eating well and her poor face is clearing up. At the moment she is sitting on top of her medicines, with her arms folded, in the mistaken belief that we won’t be able to give her any more.

I have had fun with Google Earth, Linda - some great images. Thanks for reminding me but I now feel even more guilty about buying the book.

Edie - thanks to the furkids at Hootenanny Hollow. The ISBN for the ‘Above the World’ book is 1-84403-181-0. I shall work one of the designs from it for a WoW product test. The great gals at Ario have sent some intriguing goodies for me to play with. I’m thrilled with the bookswap site, thanks for that.

Annabelle, do hope there is better news about Dylan. Is he the lurcher? Our mini-lurcher lasted until she was eighteen - I thought she was here for ever.

Good news about Elli blogging - such a quick start, too. I think she should put some photos of her bodies on her blog - go on Elli, show us your corsets! She’s on I’ve put her on my links. Had a bit of an update but still haven’t got all my favourites there yet.

Yesterday I spent the whole day hunched over the laptop setting articles and my shoulders really ached. So I’ve had a bit of a day off today and taken my grandaughter to the dentist. It was too late to go back to school so, with her mum, we went shopping for her birthday present, clothes. Can’t believe she is fourteen next week. Needless to say the budget was exceeded (but granny, that’s what I’m for, she said).

I’ve spent the last hour looking through some of my sketchbooks, in preparation for making the satellite one. I liked doing this one - based on rain-forest studies. The dangly thing is a seed pod.

I wanted it to look like an old naturalist’s notebook (or are they the ones who take their clothes off?) so I drew brown lines in PSP and rubbed some of them out. Then, when printed, I wrote in pale walnut ink.

The end of the book got much more colourful, using gesso and setting leaves in it and then painting it.

I think I will work this way with the Above the Earth theme. Need a snappy title - any suggestions.


Aussie Jo said...

I love your 'naturalist' book, perhaps you could have hidden some 'free dressers' in there somewhere?
If you are using displacement maps for your 'out of world' experience, the old tv show comes to mind-Lost in Space!
I'm off to Melbourne for a fun weekend of 'frescoes and fragments' with Dale.
Cheers Jo

Guzzisue said...

just tried the bondaweb and computer print trick, worked a treat, many thanks

artisbliss said...

Glad to hear Stevens is feeling better. I plan to have a session with bondaweb and my printer this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Yes, dylan is our old and beloved lurcher. He had many blood tests yesterday and we are awaiting results. The vet wouldn't be drawn, but reading between the lines, it's not brill. Still he's out and about and having fun,carrying sticks, putting his nose where it shouldn't go etc., so he can't be feeling too bad.

embexelli said...

I like being Elli Woodsfiord ...very exotic. Will put some pics of my bodies on the blog. This is great fun and it does help you to remember what you've done!

margaret t said...

I just borrowed this book from the library (above the world) and am blown away by it's content, just beautiful and soooo very textile. I'm very jealous of your purchase. I think I might be renewing mine a couple of times.

Carol said...

Don't you just love the girls at Ario, I am so lucky to live only 2minutes from their workshop. they are a constant source of inspiration and so kind and generous when you visit. i envariably end up sitting pouring over some sample book or other whenI go there!

arlee said...

I think the nude people are "naturists", but oh what an interpretative piece of art could come out of that:}