Saturday, 2 February 2008

Hug a Hoodie

Haven't done a lot on the earth piece today as we snuck out and went for a walk which took in an exhibition by Hilary Bower. Interesting work, but I am grieving, as I loved her previous work so much. However, we all have to move on and it is very difficult leaving a successful working method behind. I so admire Yvonne Morton as her cut-back applique style found a ready market - she sold really well. Then she turned it around completely with her large pieces based on African tribal dress - mainly dance skirts. She still sells well, but how brave to take the plunge.

Had a lovely experience today while stuck at the three-way traffic lights near our house. They take ages to change and I happened to look into the car alongside (OK, so I'm nosey). It was a beat-up old banger containing a very scruffy looking oik - dirty, fag stuck to lower lip, uncombed hair - you know what I mean. There was also a dog of uncertain breed and the dog grinned at me so I grinned back. Our lurchette used to grin - the lips drawn back, a proper smile, not a snarl.
The boy signalled for me to wind down the window and I did expecting to hear a 'What you lookin' at' comment. Instead he started telling me about the dog - how she was the best dog he'd ever had, what she did, how he looked after her. His face lit up - it was lovely. As we drove off he said 'Thanks for talking', although I hadn't said a word. Note to self: don't be judgemental.

I have done a little work on my background - zapped the felt and painted it with gesso. Then some light ochre paint. I felt it needed a bit of contrast.

There are some interesting textures in there now and the contrast between the embellished tissue and the zapped felt are OK. Here is a close up. I might make some smaller pieces based on this effect. Unframed work often sells well at exhibitions so I could just pop them on mount-board.

I also produced a better design and decided to have two areas of fossils so I did a Markal rubbing of some 'old snails'. A better guide for the background.

Had two bits of lovely news, one thanks to Arti - I am going to exhibit two pieces of work in the Cyber Fyber Exhibition next January. Exciting eh? I hope to produce new work on the subject of communication as it is all about blogging. As a fairly new blogger, I am very flattered to be asked, so thanks Susan Lenz and Arti for finding it.

The second news is that Wessex Textile Artists are going to exhibit at the 2010 Knitting & Stitching show. A long way off but it will soon go. A pretty good week, all in all.


Paddy's Daughter said...

Love the boy and his dog story - what a lovely way of spending time stuck in traffic. Bet you made his day too! I also love your textile work, and wonder if you would advise which of your books cover some of the techniques you are using as I would like to learn more. Thanks, Sue

arlee said...

Susan has done an incredible thing with the Cyber Fybre show---i'm thrilled that i will be "hanging out" with some well known textile artists, and can't stop talking about the show!!!

Aussie Jo said...

Taking the time to stop in our busy lives and give some time to others is one of the best things you can do. This story is a good reminder of that.
Love your 'snail' piece. Have you already blogged about that background, I love the black lines going through it.

Arty Lady's blog said...

Maggie, your work is just gorgeous. I have envious of your fibre skills!


Gina said...

That's a lovely story Maggie and good for us all to remember. I like the look of that background piece. Scrummy colours and textures!
Gina x

artisbliss said...

I'm so glad you connected with Susan Lenz! She had actually tried to contact you (which I didn't know before I told you about her scheme) and so was very excited to hear from you. I'm trading a postcard myself, which I've posted on my blog. I'll be very interested to see what you send to CyberFyber. Dale Rollerson is participating in the invitational as well. Great stuff!

Julie said...

Congratulations on being part of Cyberfyber Maggie! I am swapping an ATC with Susan so I will be there in spirit. :) You'll recognise the ATC it's similar to the one I gave you at the NEC last year - Summer Garden.

ingedk said...

I love your pieces, very interesting
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