Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sketch books

Margaret - you are right about the funerals. Someone was telling me recently that the funerals for their 'oldies' were turning into parties so they started having family weekends to keep up. Good idea.

Hip - we could almost have met up if we'd known who to look for. Your London trip sounded great and I liked your gelatin printed cards. I've not tried that, so must have a go sometime.

I have heard great reports of the meeting Chrissy. Sounds like a great day and you are in a good area to attract a lot of textile artists. I'm sure it will go from strength to strength.

I've more or less finished with the mags now so -ta da!- on to the next book. I decided not to do the book diary blog, as I'm not sure I would keep it up so here is the birth of the mixed media book - conceptional art. I'm going to include a lot of sketch book work and then build it up to finished pieces using the materials that I want to include. Haven't had a good messy sketchy day for ages. This is some more of the fossil work using drawings with charcoal and inky-bleachy bits set in. The opposite page is the beginning of a chunky textured design and shows some Model Magic pressed onto fossils and then set in a bed of Paper Perfect, knifed on.

It will take ages to dry and then I shall paint it and probably wax it as well.

I've also been working with a design based on Egyptian jewellery which is turning into a bodice. I didn't really want it to but it was quite determined. Again lots of ink and bleach with cut out shapes and the opposite page is a sample of Val's using beads and buttonholes. I have lots of her bits and would like to use them in the book. More on this next week. I am off to see Art of the Stitch on Saturday and hope to show some photos next week.


artisbliss said...

Re: Egyptian necklace/bodice--sometimes works in progress do seem to have a mind of their own. It's always best to let them have their way, I think, or things could get ugly!

Joanne in Canada said...

rhWhat are the dimensions of your sketchbook?

Genie said...

Lovely work as usual, looking forward to the next book. love the Fossils

Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy your visit to Art of the Stitch Maggie.
Without spoiling it too much I found it a bit too arty not enough stitch! But isn't that always the big argument? Gives much cause for discussion though.

Penny said...

Bother I bouhgt an ammonite while in California but it hasnt got the strong definition of yours so doesnt make a good impression. Will have to do some more research on finding some, dont think they are available easily here in Oz.
Nice to get home but am only slowly getting through blogs I missed and getting into some work.