Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wiretex and Werewolves (well, nearly)

Hi Pascale - did you have a good holiday? Wiretex is a mesh which comes in a variety of weights. It is possible to machine over it, although we were hand stitching on the course. It has horribly sharp edges which need to be taped (or you can trap the Wiretex in between layers of fabric). The layers need to be thick enough for it not to poke through and bite you. We were using felt.
It is very good for adding movement to a static piece or for making vessels. I also like it for bags as it adds stability to a floppy fabric. Here is a piece by Carolyn, made at the weekend.

And one I made for the Stitch, Dissolve, Distort book. I used Wiretex for the basic shape and then Paverpol as a hardener.

I will look out some of my 3D work which uses Wireform.
I do have Quilt Pro somewhere Annabelle, but not sure it will run on my Vista machine. Aren’t new operating systems annoying? I keep having to go back to my old laptop to run my digitising software as I haven’t had a chance to investigate what patches are available for Vista.

I’m glad you enjoyed the Highcliffe show, Lynne. I do wish my boxed pieces looked better, though. If I sell more fossils I will move the others off the wall and into the cabinet.

Today we took the three boy GCs to our local National Trust house, Kingston Lacy. We did a trail in the grounds which involved looking for all kinds of hidden features. The cannons weren’t exactly hidden but they went down well.

The Egyptian ‘oesophagus’ (according to the kids) was good and scary. Here they are being frightened by the mummy

Like all kids, they love the idea of graves, ghosts and general bloodthirstyness so the works of Grinling Gibbons left them cold but a large painting of a horse being torn to pieces by wolves was considered ‘ace’. I was a little nervous about taking them in the house - all those breakables - but they were very good. Little Toby was not feeling well and kept requesting a lie down on the four posters.
We had lunch and the inevitable, long drawn out trip to the gift shop and then drove home singing the old Manfred Mann song ‘Fox on the Run’ at the top of our voices. I had played it for them on our last trip out and Clive and I were very amused to find that they had all downloaded it on to their ipods. You can’t beat the oldies.


pascale putz said...

Dear Maggie,
thank you very much for your information about wiretex. We once went to see the fortress in Luxembourg town with our girls and the youngest one didnt't want to go home before she hadn't seen a skeleton, so we went to the museum. Fortunately they had one, so she was very happy. Funny, isn't it?

hippopip said...

I am very impressed that you can remember the words to Fox on the run, my memory is fading fast & no long term memory either, loved the `photo of the boys on the oesaphagus!

Kate North said...

Oh, I love the idea of an Egyptian Oesophagus! I'll have to remember that. Makes me wish I really had written down the funny things my kids have called stuff (the current one is that according to DS age 5, the trees are full of "possums")...