Monday, 21 April 2008

Weekend of Wonder

I’ve had the most wonderful weekend in London. This was the girly weekend for my cousin’s birthday. Mama Mia was fantastic and I’ve revised my view of musicals (I didn’t think I liked them as much as plays). I could have seen it all over again, especially the bit at the end where we all sang and bopped about. The birthday girl is in the middle.

Our party were hoarse afterwards but it didn’t stop us talking all night.
We then went for a cocktail and on to dinner in a very posh restaurant. It was all lovely and we laughed so much.

Cousin Sue and I shared a bedroom for the first time since we were ten years old and that was fun - lots of talking about old times. We were going on the London Eye next day but it was very misty so we walked along the South Bank having coffee, having lunch and enjoying the sights. How about this chameleon on a bicycle?

Apart from entertaining grandchildren, I very rarely do non-textile things and now realise that change is good for you, although completely shattered today. I shall be refreshed and ready for some work tomorrow.

On to the Comments;
Lynda - glad you like Kiefer, too. You should try to get to Blood on Paper and see the work - I think it would appeal.

Aussie Jo - will visit to check on the paper casting. Would love to see it.

Oi stories
I shall try going alone to the tip Gill but, knowing my luck, the tipmeister will ignore me and I’ll come home with a bad back.

Annabelle - I have bookmarked you now. I can’t imagine how anyone could mistake your work for a wheelie bin cover but perhaps you should have the image put onto a suitable material and market them. A new career.

We have to get a permit to go to our tip, Pat. Although it is only half a mile away it ‘belongs’ to a different council. We were having to drive ten miles to another tip before someone woke up to the fact that this is not very green. Now we get six vouchers a year!

I think ‘Oi Mum’ has a nicer ring than the tip man’s bellow, Megan, but perhaps you should become selectively deaf until ‘Mother Dear’ is used.


Digitalgran said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Maggie. I have lots of cousins and it would be lovely to meet them for a birthday rather than funerals!

Pat said...

And then they wonder why people fly tip!!!! Glad you enjoyed Mamma Mia, such fun when you realise which song is coming up.

chrissythreads said...

It looks like a great weekend and I love the chameleon. Just to let you know the Eastern Region Textile Forum was well and truly launched this weekend with over 80 delegates attending the conference. Quite a few had heard about us through WOW so many thanks for your help.

Unknown said...

Looks like you really let your hair down. We saw Mama Mia in Edinburgh and wasn't too keen on going but dh is an Abba fan. We had a whale of a time and were singing the songs for ages.

hippopip said...

Well Maggie we just missed each other!I did the Southbank on Sat. morning,very cold went to the Dali museum.I did see the chameleon and about 5 other statues, did you get as far as "the memory project" a 21 st century cyclorma which was recording nonstop images if you are interested

Aussie Jo said...

What a fun weekend, it's good for the soul to do that. A friend and I have a theatre subscription together, our husbands just fall asleep. Unfortunately I missed seeing Mamma Mia when it was on here, I was especially disappointed as the first lead actress, Natalie O'Donnell was one of my prize students when I taught Music/Drama at a local primary school.