Thursday, 8 May 2008

Shrinking and Snapping

Loved the Tudor Tailor site, Margaret. Thanks for the information. Next time I’m looking for someone to give a talk I will know where to look.

We’re having such fun with the Wii. It was supposed to be for the grandchildren but Clive and I have played with it almost every day since we got it. The boxing exercise is so aerobic and really makes you out of breath. It also makes me do a bit of work with the fit-ball to wind down so I’m hopeful that lots of calories are being burned. I want the fitness board, too, Verobirdie. Will ask the kids to club together at Christmas. No, no videos - I’m not an elegant player!

Yesterday the weather was lovely and we went to Weymouth (on the coast about an hour from here) to do a class on Shrinking Plastic. The venue was a Social Club, right in the bar so I felt quite at home. The view was fantastic as it was right on the cliff top. Here are some pics - not up to the usual photo standard as it’s bad form for the tutor to spend ages with a camera, so just ‘snapped’ at the ‘show and tell’.
I always start by just using gold pen and crayons - this little fish was so cute. I think he was made by Julia.

Then we move on to exploring texture with sequins (which melt) and glass painter's gutta. Little tiny books by Ann and Julia.

Cutting shapes is good fun and we try to cut carefully so that the negative shapes can be used. Jill’s flowers were great and they produced an interesting piece from the remnant.

Jackie’s tiny book covers were wonderful - by now we were on to embossing powders and stamps.

This orchid, by Jan, was splendid. She was very talented and I asked her what her preferred style of stitching was. She said she didn’t know as she’d only just joined the Guild and this was her fourth workshop! One to watch, I think. She also made a mean fruit salad.

A lovely day, enjoyed by all, including the tutor. I’m going to try to spend some time in the garden today, just sitting. London tomorrow, Marlborough for a talk on Monday so I need a rest before I start.


hippopip said...

Lovely work I hadnt realised shrink plastic could be so good

Aussie Jo said...

These look great, I love the little book pages. Have you done this tutorial on WOW yet???

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