Saturday, 3 May 2008

Wiis and Warriors

Thanks for all the comments. I haven’t been able to blog as much as usual but please don’t desert me. I shall soon be back on track.

Kate - many thanks for the award. I have put the pic here because it is one of the words that I overuse, so it seems very appropriate. When I had a ‘proper’ job (in insurance) our Marketing Director wanted to rename the building we worked in ‘Excellence House’. We talked him out of it on the grounds that we could be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act!


I haven’t heard of the Tudor Tailors Talk, Margaret. Who gives that? Sounds great.

Busy week with a good meeting with Michael Wicks about the next book. Our main problem is going to be storage as it is so expensive to use the commercial firms. I need a lock up garage, I think. Luckily Embellish and Stitch sold very well but Fiona is keen to get her spare room back so I must get something sorted out.

Also bought a Nintendo Wii. We've had such fun playing with the gcs version and I thought the boxing, where you use a punch bag, was very aerobic and would keep me fit. They said it could be set up by idiots and guess what? It was. We had no trouble and were very proud of ourselves.

I’ve been working on some shrinky plastic as I have a course next week in Weymouth. I wondered about the Tudor theme so I drew this little knight - although he looks more medieval than Tudor. I wanted to see how the Graphitint pencils worked - they are quite grey with just a hint of colour. I made a tile with holes at the corners for stitching. Here it is before shrinking.

And afterwards. He's quite dark but I splodged gold pen on him and I quite like the effect. I shall experiment some more.

The other piece I'm working on is for Brenda Weeks Tactile Textiles Exhibition in Christchurch, Dorset, in June. It is aimed at people who have poor sight and need to touch and feel things. I am starting off with one of my embellished silk fossil surfaces which I shall stitch and wax before making a big vessel. It will then have mad springy bits all over it on wires.

I'll keep you posted.


Digitalgran said...

Have a look here Maggie.
The two women act the part of Mistress and Maid and take you through the details of dressmaking and dressing in Tudor times. I found the little snippets of information so interesting.

verobirdie said...

I would not have expected advice on the WII from you :-) However, it is funny. My daughter visited me this weekend and told me she was very tempted by the WII and the fitness kit. Then we happened to see a live demo, and I too am tempted now. So I guess it will soon be part of my equipment :-)

artisbliss said...

When can we expect a video of you playing the Wii?