Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Still Displaced

Sadly you can’t do displacement maps in Version 7, Gill. I use version 9 or 10 but don’t feel the need to keep buying the new issues of software unless there is something I really want. I would recommend upgrading to get the Displacement maps, though. This is the feature that I use most of all.

Pat - I’m doing a talk for the Guild in Canterbury on Saturday afternoon at a place called Lower Hardres. Love the Kent crowd so I’m really looking forward to it.

Great to meet you, Simone. Enjoyed your blog and plan a return visit for a longer browse.

Aussie Jo - there is a whisper about an Aussie trip next year but my lips are sealed.

Fiona - without you we wouldn’t have the on-line mags or any of the the web-sites and I wouldn’t be blogging. I should explain that Fiona taught Clive how to write html and set him on the www path. We’ve moved on a lot since then but it still seems like magic to be able to communicate with so many people. Fiona also gives us the confidence to try things that we would never undertake without her holding our hands. Interesting to speculate on what we would have done without the web. Would I still be editing Embroidery mag? Would Clive be retired and twiddling his thumbs? Would I let him? Is that what we’re doing in a parallel universe?

It was great to meet up with Hippopip - glad you enjoyed the talk. The digital projector has made an enormous difference to our talks. We can do computer demos live (this is a bit hairy at the moment as I have Vista on the new laptop and sometimes funny things happen and Clive has to rescue me) and have little movies, too. It all breaks up the talk. i found a really good image to play Displacement games with. It is a fossil drawing from my sketchbook.

I displaced it with the little stone tower from our last National Trust visit.

Here is the result, below. I am going to use it for a mixed media piece for the new book. I love the way the ring binding has made a border.

This is how it looks when the 'Tile' option is selected. This gives repeats instead of displacing the whole image. Interesting.

I don't use Powerpoint as I find it has limitations and we seem to be able to move fairly seamlessly from the slide show software to the movies.

We went to see Jane Lemon on the way to the talk and she is recovering well from her surgery. She showed us a wonderful altar frontal, almost finished, destined for Portsmouth Cathedral, very impressive.

We were early for the talk so we stopped at a pub right by the canal and sat in the sun drinking diet Cokes while we watched the boats go by. It's a hard life.

The lovely weather is soon to be over, they say. Entirely my fault as I rushed into Bournemouth yesterday to buy some summer clothes. Should have known better - sorry folks.


Doreen G said...

I won't tell anyone either Maggie about the chance visit--my lips are sealed as well.
One thing about us Grey's we can keep a secret.

artisbliss said...

I especially like the tiling effect on the stone tower picture. And you're right about the ring border. You just never know what you're going to end up with, do you?

It's been so uncharacteristically cool here that we can't officially get out our summer clothes, not knowing whether we'll still need a sweater!

Aussie Jo said...

I'm off to upgrade my computer in preparation( and I won't tell anyone.)

Jackie said...

I'm a blogger now and I am just getting my head around this html stuff in a very simple way. Fiona is very clever and her blog is wonderful. When I grow up I want to computer design like you!