Sunday, 21 June 2009

The big give-away draws near

Hi Folks

Really started something with the old money reminiscence! Not good to go there - especially the gasoline - we pay about double that Wabbit

Becky - we do seem to have finally made contact and it's exciting that you are going to write an article for us.

The launch for the books looks set for 30th June. My book is printed and at the binders and Lynda and Carol are being printed now. Here are the printers proofs, spread all over my dining table, with the dynamic duo's postcards for the giveaway.

. I've got some postcards, too, as well as some small embroideries.



Plus a couple of pieces of work. You've seen the scroll and here's a small weaving I'm fond of, which is also up for grabs.


Then there are loads of materials from Colinette yarns to stitching silks. Also sheets of Lutradur, shrinky plastic and lots more.


Further details later in the week.


Genie said...

Hi Maggie,
looking forward to the big day.
Have a good week

Heather said...

Those goodies look so good. Someone is going to have a lovely surprise. Looking forward to both books so much - pocket money at the ready!!

Julie said...

Very much looking forward to the new books. I hope I don't miss thelaunch, I will be out all day on the 30th! But I am on the mailing list :o)

Wabbit said...

I'm excited about the prospect of getting the new books and hope that I'll have time to play with new techniques by then. Gas prices are jumping by about 5 cents per day here. I know it must be hard to have Americans whining about prices that seem ridiculously low to you, but we really have few other options here. No train service to speak of and really no bus options either, plus far bigger spaces to cover. So I guess I just need to stay home and play with my sewing machines! ;-))

Karen Hurrell said...

Looking forward to the launch of the new books on 30 June. The proofs in the picture look very interesting, not to mention the other goodies. I hope your website will be able to cope with all the orders!

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Looking forward to the new books. I will now have to but the white wine in ready for the big day.
Gill Boyle

Diana said...

Love that little weaving, Maggie!
Not long now till the big day - you must be exhausted by all this hard work so I hope you might fit a little holiday in somewhere along the line...

Michelle said...

Oh how wonderful they are!! I look forward to the new books! The pictures are wonderful. Oh the texture!!