Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Launch 2

Books have been going in envelopes. This is not quite the spectacle I promised you. I dashed home and got my USB lead and still had trouble with photos. Never mind; here is a boring one of some boxes.



And here is one of me signing books and looking very careworn! It's been a hard day.

Anyway the big giveaway is almost complete and most of the goodies have been slipped in with the books. The two pieces of my work have gone to Sharne Gregory of Billericay, Essex - she gets the scroll - and PaTi McMahand who gets the weaving. I do know and love PaTi, but it wasn't a fix, honestly.

Here are Fiona and Clive busily book stuffing.
I'll be interested to hear who gets the lovely postcards from Lynda and Carol, so let me know. The two winners of the big prizes will receive them separately. Everything else will be in with the books. I hope you were lucky - more tomorrow.


Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

How fabulously exciting! And love the 'boring' boxes on the living room floor, and careworn look. Hope you get to finish off that champagne soon!

Sharne Gregory said...

WOW!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much Maggie, I have just read your blog and saw MY name. I just can't believe I was lucky enough to win a piece of your wonderful work. I cant wait for the books to arrive.

Heather said...

So pleased that everything has come to fruition for all of you, but hope you aren't exhausted by all the work and excitement. So looking forward to getting my books.

Julie said...

Looking forward to the postie coming. I hope you haven't all collapsed in the heat. Well done for a stirling effort!

Susan D said...

Oohh goodie I'll be watching for the postman.

glenys coombridge said...

I hope it was as exciting for you as it was for us. So looking forward to receiving my books. Thankyou Maggie, Lynda, & Carol for your inspiration and great generosity in sharing your expertise and in the cheaper mailing. Hope you got to enjoy the champagne finally.
Tryit-2 Glenys Coombridge

gilby said...

Looking forward to receiving the books, and thank you all for working so hard,and in such heat, just to post them out to everyone.

Heather said...

My books arrived this morning - Wednesday!! They are both stunning with wonderful photography on every page and absolutely stuffed with inspiration. I've only had a very quick whizz through both, but am going back for a leisurely read. I was also lucky enough to find a little packet of knitting ribbon included - thankyou very much - I'll use it for something special.

ju-north said...

If you're off to Scotland , take some Skin So Soft to scare the midgies off. It reaally works!

jo said...

What brilliant service. I received my books today and to my surprise and joy, I found one of Carol's wonderful postcards enclosed. Thank you so much.

But how could you tease us so? The sun is shining, the garden calls, Wimbledon is on the TV and you publish 2 AMAZING books which fire your imagination and make you want to spend all day inside `playing'.

Thank you again and I hope you have a great time on your travels.

gilby said...

I have just received my books and found one of Lynda's postcards enclosed. Thank you so much.
Now which to read first.
Enjoy your visit to Scotland and once again thank you .

sewbeit said...

I have just received my books. What service! They are both superb. To make the occasion even more special I also received one of Linda's postcards. I shall treasure it. Many thanks Maggie for all the hours of enjoyment I have had with your books. Both new books look as though many enjoyable hours still to come.

Aquarius said...

What excellent service - my books arrived today Wednesday and thanks so much for the piece of fabric enclosed. I have to admit that I am not quite sure what it is (perhaps if I read the books quickly I will find out). It is white, non woven and see through with very fine fibres crossing every whichway with thinner patches here and there. Any clues??

Digitalgran said...

I'm glad your baby and step baby went out safely for you Maggie. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'm so glad PaTi won the prize. She's very excited about it.
Now you do like to make me spend don't you? My PoGo is on order!

pascale putz said...

I got my books yesterday together with a beautiful card from Linda. The books are just wonderful, thank you so much.