Friday, 12 June 2009


Just wanted to make it clear that the 'two for one' offer on the new books was for the mailing only - not the books. Wish we could afford to do that but I think we'd soon be broke! So it means that you only pay one lot of postage on any two books. It is still a generous offer as mailing overseas, especially, is very expensive. If you're already on the list Fiona will contact you anyway so no need to do the 'let us know' thing.

Back on the subject of mailing costs - do you realise, those who are of my vintage, that a first class stamp cost the equivalent of eight shillings in old money. Oh Lord - I'm turning into someone who remembers when beer was tuppence a pint! (I don't actually).

Anyway, this is a chance to show you one of my offerings for the launch give-away. It's a scroll, based on an actual Will and is called 'Where there's a Will'. I do really like it but I work on the principle that a gift should always be something that you would like to keep yourself. This is a good precept as it means that when you buy someone something special you can get yourself one, too.



Talking of which, I'm going to have to ask Lynda and Carol to make me a postcard each or I won't be able to bear to give theirs away. You've seen one from Lynda - how about this delight from Carol? Good innit?


There will be lots of other goodies - yarns, carrier rods, fabrics, nonsense and all sorts of excitements for those who order on launch day and we will be making it a 24 hour thing to allow for the time difference. The goodies will be evenly divided through the time period and slipped at random in with the books.

We are, hopefully, on track - my book is being printed as I write and L&C's is down for the end of next week.

We had a really great evening with Oxford EG on Wednesday- it was such a lot of fun - thank you, Amanda (and fellow chair) for making it so good. It was also lovely to meet up with you again, although not much time to talk.


Unknown said...

Oh dear Maggie now I really do feel old. I can't remember a pint for tuppence but I can remember a loaf of bread for thruppence farthing!!!
Love Carol's card too and I doubt I'd be able to give it away.

Luv Annette


Beautiful pieces, very inspiring, looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book. Carolyn.

Heather said...

I can remember when a two mile bus journey was twopence halfpenny for adults. (You've really started something Maggie!!). We have just made adjustments to our wills - they don't look anywhere near as interesting as yours! Carol's card is lovely. I can see we'll be staying up all night to be first on the button for those two books and in with a chance for some goodies!!

Gina said...

Eight shillings! Good grief! Best not to think about it really.

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

Can't wait for the books!

Did you get my email? The internet seems to be conspiring against our communication! Here's my email address just in case.

Wabbit said...

I started thinking about when first class stamps were 4 cents here and there was a huge uproar when they went up to 5. I think they're 44 now. I have to buy the "forever" stamps because I constantly lose them and don't find them again until it's gone up once more, now seemingly fixed for one cent at mid-May. I decided that it was too depressing to think about. And then I remembered that I could also recall paying 27.9 cents for a gallon of gasoline. It's $2.69 now and that's actually down from last summer. Definitely too depressing to think about!