Monday, 29 June 2009

Prints and Pogos

I am so thrilled with your response to the new WoW and Quiltwow merge. It’s good to know we’re getting it right and we’ve had lots of new subscribers since I posted, so that is wonderful. Thanks for all the support and the lovely emails.

Diana you can look at the big free Taster before signing up – all on the site at

Doreen – number of sleeps is going down quite scarily. I am planning my demos for the Perth show. I thought a pinch of water soluble technique, a smidgeon of vanishing muslin excitement, some carrier rod silks and a little Ink-Aid stirred in. This will be news to Dale, as I think this is totally different to the last info I gave her. Good thing that she stocks everything known to woman. No doubt she'll give me some new stuff to play with, too. So looking forward to it.

Textile Arty – good tip about composing posts. I’ll certainly look into it. It was so annoying with the last post as I like to think about what I write, not just dash it off. The whole lot went – pics and all and I had been saving as I went along, too. I won’t tell you what I said!

So glad you enjoyed the talk Frances – yours is a lovely branch and I had a good time, too. The Velcro was a bit of a giggle. It actually reminded me that I’d forgotten to turn my mobile off. It’s most embarrassing if the speaker’s phone rings.

Heather – thanks for the message, news on the baby printer below. It seems easy to get the specials papers Margaret, so I don’t think it can be going out of circulation.

Today we went for our holiday jabs – just boosters, as we were quite up to date. However, I think it must have mangled my brain as I gave Fiona a message to send out about the books in which I said I’d written Stitching the Textured Surface and Lynda and Carol had written Stitches, Straps and Layers! Good thing you lot know what’s what!

The books are on their way down to me from Tunbridge Wells and I’ve just had a call from Michael who is seeing them on their way. He is not given to great shows of emotion but he was so excited about the way the books looked. We have used a new printer and he seems to be very good.

So, tomorrow will be a mad day of stuffing books and distributing the goodies. I’ll blog in the afternoon, from Fiona’s house where the stuffing will take place.

Now, back to the Pogo printer. The new one arrived and is wonderful. It’s only a tiny pic but the resolution is really quite good, considering it is straight from the camera with no sharpening. I did a few sketchbook pages on last week’s Common walk and some pics of late rhodies.

That’s the pic, much blown up, of course. They are sticky backed and it is possible to hand stitch into them. Here’s a page – I just wet the page as a base and dabbed with Starburst Stains.


Then covered the pics with skeleton leaves. They are a little shiny but not full gloss.


This page is more leaves and cut up pics. I am so pleased – I know I can come home and print off all my holiday pics, but I never do. I put them on a CD and there they stay. Now I shall do my sketchbooks on the move and I’m going to start in Scotland later this week.


I'll be back tomorrow with the launch blog.


Amanda Sheridan said...

I'm getting up at 4.30am tomorrow (which is when the alarm goes off for DH to go to work) so I can get my order in nice and early! I know it won't make the postman bring the books any quicker but at least it'll make me feel like I'm doing something to help get my sticky mits on them sooner!

Heather said...

I don't care who wrote which book, I just know I want one of each!! Your rhododendron pages are stunning - that little printer must be a delight. If the weather gets any hotter, we'll need holiday jabs to stay at home!

Wabbit said...

I've made my order and will try not to hold my breath until they get here. (A good thing since it's several thousand miles!) Our new MINI is arriving tomorrow after a six week wait. I'm glad we don't have to wait for the books to take the boat the long way!

I was so sorry to hear about your PoGo and so pleased that you did get one that worked. I love mine and it worked straight out of the box. (He charged it when it came so I wouldn't have to wait. The Sports Fan understands the need for immediate gratification with new toys.) I've convinced several people to buy them and it really is the best adjunct for your journal! I wish that they'd been better marketed. But the photo size is just right for the size sketchbook I use and I like the surface as well. I'm thrilled that I can print from my mobile which has photo editing software!

Unknown said...

Have spent the evening looking through some of your books and looking forward to attending your lecture in Tain on Friday evening. I am so excited about you coming North as you have been quite an inspiration to me. I got my City and Guilds diploma a couple of years ago and love experimenting with different materials etc. Roll on Friday
Sandra Ian

Sharne Gregory said...

I had stay up late so that I could order the two books. A very hectic day for me tomorrow, so wont get near the computer. I cant wait for them to arrive!! A good job that its going to be sunny this week, I will be able to wear sun glasses to hide the bags under my eyes. LOL

Heather said...

Couldn't stay up late or wake up early, but have just ordered both books. Shan't care what the weather does when they get here - I'll be too busy to notice!

elindsa said...

I ordered the two books yesterday before bedtime. I am so exited and can't wait till they get here by me in Denmark:-)).

ju-north said...

The Pogo printer sounds like something I definately need! Thanks for telling us about it.

Aussie Jo said...

While I was ordering, I thought I may as well save the postman and ordered Julie's and the Embellish book as well. It's more environmentally friendly to order in bulk!!!

The Rhodedendron book is beautiful, lovely tones. Is that just onto drawing paper??

I have been chatting to Doreen via email about the 'getting closer' trip to Perth: getting tickets for the footy on Sunday night, trips to wineries etc. Of course we are especially excited about the workshop on the Tuesday, the list of items to bring is getting longer!!! Looks like a big spend up at the fair too.

Re the combined WOW, it's going to be a big bang, can't wait!! I think my subscription is due for the next issue, will Fiona send out a reminder notice?