Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Beavering on

Well, we're home from the Festival of Quilts and it all went very well. We had some brilliant help on the stand this year - thanks Sam and Paula - so we weren't quite so tired when we got home. The stand looked great and Elli's jacket (thanks for the message, Elli) was a big hit. You can see a bit of our stand below. Elli's jacket is in my Stitches, Straps and Layers book and is a great example of working with strips of fabric - in this case, lovely hand-dyed fabric.


You can also see a piece by Jean Draper which was very atmospheric. It was called, 'After the Fire, Sunset'. So very effective and great colours.

I thought the show was wonderful - there will be a full review in the unrestricted area of Workshop on the Web in September - gosh, that's next week.

So many visitors from overseas - must improve my French. There was much to see - from welcome, familiar faces like the Kemshalls (below) who always present wondrous work, to newcomers like the group from Murmansk in Russia, there was something for everyone. The Russian ladies were lovely and the work, as you can see, was so vibrant and a little bit saucy.


Bernina invited me to the Gala Dinner and I sat with Pauline Burbidge (love her work). We had both been teaching at the Italian Masseria this year so we had a lot to talk about. I am almost certainly going back there in 2012 so lots of time to plan a really great course.


We stayed in a slightly better hotel than usual - we usually try not to spend too much on accomodation because the costs associated with the show are very high. We got a good deal this time on a Prenier Inn and it was certainly more relaxing.
Anyway, we had an excellent show, my talks were really well supported, so thanks to all who came to them, we also had some good meals with good friends and managed to get packed and away in record time. Clive gained two new daughters (you know who you are) and, true to daughters everywhere, they both wanted pocket money!
It's lovely to be home (no news on the sale - still waiting for our buyer's surveyor) and, best of all, my eldest granddaughter, Lauren, got excellent GCSE results today, including four As and an A*. The lowest she got was a C for Art & Design - oh the shame of it! She's definitely leaning towards the academic, not the arty side of the family. This means that she has been accepted on the A level course she had set her heart on, so that's good news.
I have five Flower Stitchers up for grabs. If anyone wants one, leave a comment on this blog. That'll be another drawer cleared out! Closing date Saturday 28th.

Scooter - glad you found the CD. Brewer Sewing do it in the USA - they carry all the d4daisy books.
I put Tiziana's work in the talk I gave at NEC, Helen, and everyone gave that little 'ooh' sound that means it's a really good piece of work. Lovely to hear from the lady herself - you were much discussed Tiziana!
Gill - I did try the old crumpled silk trick last year but it was a bit lightweight and kept catching in the sewing machine. I did discover that this gave an interesting result, though.
Elli - see above note about your jacket. Much admiration - aren't I lucky to have friends who make such great work.


Sue Krekorian said...

I'd love a flower stitcher, please , Maggie - I have a Husqvarna Lily 550 to use it on if I'm lucky enough to be chosen.
Sorry I didn't get to say hello at FoQ. It was mad busy when I was there on Thursday and I couldn.t fight my way with my walking seat through the throng. Still recovering.
Recently back from a holiday in Abruzzo in Italy - lovely and untouristy at the moment.
Love to you and to Clive xxx

Unknown said...

Great to see you at the FOQ, the stand looked great, ooh I have never played with a flower stitcher :)

Heather said...

Superb post Maggie - so glad the show went so well for you, but why shouldn't it? Congratulations to Lauren on her excellent exam results - clever girl. I would love to go into the hat for one of the flower stitchers please. It's scary isn't it - next week it'll be September!

JP said...

it was lovely to meet you at Foq and I really enjoyed your talk on Friday - it was great to see your work in the flesh - isn't clive a sweetie and very patient even when you get at him!! - well done to your grandaughter

Julie said...

Glad you had a good Show Maggi, sorry I missed you I was chasing my tail the 2 days I was there. Congratulations to your Granddaughter, you must be very proud :)

tiziana said...

So glad all went very well in Birmingham (I was sure of your success!)and so happy people liked my work.
Thank you Maggie.

Sheila Knight said...

Hello Maggie
I do enjoy your blog and all the interesting things that you do; I have a copy of Stitches Straps and Layers but at this time of the year life gets in the way of really getting down to experimenting; I don`t look forward to the autumn and winter but at least I hope to apply myself to textile crafts then. With best wishes.

loVe2cre8 said...

Well Maggie, if you are game to send a flower stitcher internationally I would be happy to take one off your hands. It is always worthwhile reading your blog.$Asha980

Fibrenell said...

Ooh, I'd love to try a flower stitcher. Obviously happy to pay postage if lucky, Maggie!

Diane Kelsey said...

Your stand did look great. It really caught the eye of my friend who hasn't been introduced to your work and your range of books. Looking forward to the new book.

Su said...

It sounds a great show experience, I'm quite new to textile art but hope to maybe be able to go to it next year. If there's still a flower stitcher going then please consider me.

gilby said...

Sorry i was not able to say hello at the show, but pleased to hear that the show went well for you. Looking forward to the new book.

Margaret S said...

I also thoroughly enjoyed the FoQ last week, always a thrill to watch you dem on the stand, didn't get the op to say hello too many others in the way!!!! fancy trying out a flower stitcher. keep on stitching x mgt

Jane said...

Glad the FOQ went well, I would also love a flower stitcher to play with.

geni said...

Reading your blog is always worthwhile and the chance to win a flower stitcher makes it more special. I'm happy to pay postage to the Netherlands if I'm lucky!

Stephanie M said...

Hi Maggie, glad to hear you had a good show. I would also like to have a go with a flower stitcher please, and like Sue I have a Husqvarnia Lily! Regards and hope the house move goes smoothly, Stephanie

AnnM said...

Maggie, I am gradually working through two of your books now I have my new sewing machine (a birthday present) and I would love to have a flower stitcher to play with! Your books are truly inspirational.

Sheila Knight said...

I forgot to say in my previous comment, that I would love to have one of your flower stitchers; something new to get my teeth into!

liniecat said...

I would love a flower stither please, its on My Wish List already, so fingers crossed! I have both a Brother and a Janome, niether superdooper new, but both reliable workhorses lol
The Show must have been great, will mkake it myself one year soon I hope.

Kate said...

I was at the FoQ, but never managed to get round all the stalls as I was too engrossed in the exhibition quilts. I would have liked to have found you to say hello.
Pleased the show went well for you. Perhaps I'll see you at Ally Pally, if you're going to be there.
Best wishes, Kate