Friday 19 August 2011

A Quick Post Festival Post

Lots of posts in that title. Whose idea was it to have PV panels and a woodburner fitted the day after we returned from the Festival of Quilts? Ooops – that’d be me, I think. However the guys were great and just got on with it, with the result that our twelve panels were up and generating by Tuesday afternoon. So far we have clocked up seventeen units and that includes one dull day and one day of torrential rain when it was as dark as night most of the day. It’s such fun watching the meter click around that we are thinking of putting a chair in the hall – better than the TV and certainly more lucrative.

The woodburner is wonderful – the last one we had was very traditional and this time I wanted one of the modern baked bean cans. Here it is in full flow. It will look much better when the new wall lights go up.

Back to the quilt show which was rather disappointing from a trading point of view (number down on Saturday and Sunday) but great for seeing everyone and keeping in touch. Some lovely exhibitions – perhaps not quite so cutting edge this year – and incredible individual entries.

We had some help on the stand this time with Sam Packer and Paula Watkins. It was lovely to go off and do our talks without having to worry about the stand and they gave great demos, too. We also sneaked off for lunch together – a rare treat at shows.

My overall favourite was the Studio 21 exhibition which also had an interactive ‘Come and have a go’ area which was a wonderful idea and very popular. This group has such a strong membership – Sandra Meech, Sue Chapman and Dawn Thorne to name just a few off the top of my head. It was interesting to see them taking the same theme – a sense of place and running the work in a continuous fashion around the wall. I love Anne Froggatt’s work and this is her Studio 21 entry, Svalbard.

This exhibit from Gillian Cooper made a great visual impact as you look in from outside.

Must go now – it’s the youngest grandson's birthday and the gang is about to descend. Will post more foq pics tomorrow.


Heather said...

I do like the look of your woodburner Maggie - it is so neat and won't dominate the room. Your first paragraph reminded me of the time my mother recalled her parents installing electricity - Grandad watched the meter racing round and call out 'Turn something off'! Wonderful images from FOQ. Happy birthday to your grandson and have a lovely family gathering.

Aussie Jo said...

Your woodburner is very slimline!
Watch out with the solar panels; Aussie's have reduced the price paid per kw 'cause too many pensioners were making a profit!!!

Diane said...

I just love Anne Froggat's piece. I visited the Sydney Quilt show in June and I thought the numbers were down both in visitors and traders. The wearable art exhibition was just spectacular.
Your woodburner is so different from the usual run of the mill ones. Once the side wall lights go up the room will look so warm and welcoming.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks for including my work. I loved the Studio 21 work too