Thursday 4 August 2011

A blogette

Just a swift line or two to stay in touch. Frantically trying to get the car packed for the Stitched Up event in Sutton Coldfield, where I'm doing a talk and demos. I also have to get ready for the Festival of Quilts at the NEC next week. Our poor catsitter is coming today and we will have to try and put our sitting room back together for her. The plasterer is still in residence at the moment.

We had a plaster disaster as our usual chap is ill and couldn't make it. He was supposed to be here on Monday and we only found out he wasn't coming on Monday morning. Frantic phone calls brought us Gary who made a start yesterday. Luckily it is only a skimming job so won't be too damp and I've made Sue the sitter a bed-sit (with telly) in another room, in case she doesn't fancy the soggy one. Sometimes life just gets too hard but it's small beer compared to what some folks have to put up with.

Exciting things are arriving in the post for next week's show. For my Workshop on the Web display I have Gina Ferrari - her newspaper backgrounds made a splendid article.




Olga Norris wrote a super article on using paper in reverse applique. I love the shapes of the figures shown here.



Hope we can get lots of new Wowies. We need them, as BTinternet are putting an extra financial strain on us. They treat all our emails to subscribers as spam and place them in a separate folder - without even showing it to the account holder. We do tell people how to find it (in FAQs on but, understandably, some people find it hard and we have to resort to snail mail. Ridiculous with an internet magazine and very expensive.

Anyway, lets end with a giggle. This was one of my birthday cards! Who does it reming you of? Nuff said.


Julie said...

Sorry to have missed your birthday Maggie. Belated Happy Birthday. The card's excellent :-) See you at FOQ.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Maggie - whenever it was. Your birthday card is priceless and I shall have to go back for another look! Good luck with everything and I am sure that your catsitter will be very comfortable while you are away.

Gina said...

Oooh! That was a lovely surprise to see my work! Great birthday card... are you sure it's not Smudge (Happy Birthday!). See you next week.

Robin Mac said...

What a giggle - are you really sure it is not Smudge? Happy birthday for whenever it was. I am glad I am not onbe of the unlucky ones getting WoW as spam - mine come through no trouble at all. Cheers

Alex said...

Love the birthday card! Hopefully the plaster will dry out quickly with the warmer weather.