Monday, 23 April 2012

The Big trip

I hate new things. a new look for blogspot will be great, I'm sure but it's a pain having to cope with it right now.
We had a most fabulous trip up to the Wirral and Blackpool - so great to meet so many enthusiastic people. The new book went down well. it was a lovely surprise that Christine Poole - the chair of the Embroidereres' Guild popped into the Blackpool talk. Here we are together.

It was a good idea to combine the trip and, as we were in the area, i didn't have to charge travel. I suggested to Christine that the guild site could have a space for tutors to post details of future trips so that any branches on the way, or nearby, could book them, too.

Hope they do that.

My washing machine has broken so Clive is about to take all our laundry to a daughter while I get on the internet to order a new one.


Heather said...

That is such a lovely photo Maggie. Thank goodness for daughters - it's always a good idea to make sure that at lease one of your offspring lives fairly locally!

Anonymous said...

Christine is such a fab person and a real asset to the Guild - she has accepted an invitation to Blackmore Vale private view!

gilby said...

My book arrived on Saturday morning, i have been reading snippets some exciting ideas. Thank you for the gift that came with the book.

Sue said...

I attended your talk in Blackpool. Needless to say it was very inspirational, like all your work, books, articles. You were very informative and funny. Thank you fora lovely afternoon

Emma said...

Yur book looks great, it's on my birthday list ;) hope the hand is repairing well.

Diane said...

My book has arrived and a big thank you Maggie for the soluble film. Brian says I have to finish the colour course before I open the packet but I can have a look at the book this evening!!!! I have almost completed the colour course and the book has motivated me to get a move on. Just have to complete one section and do the last section then I have completed the course. I am watching for the on line classes for the book.
Thank you again