Saturday, 14 April 2012

My New Look

What do you think of this then? My plaster has been replaced with this splint. I had a choice of colours but didn’t expect the black to be so shiny or the Velcro to be so pink! Never mind, it will be very handy if I decide to embark on a new career as a dominatrix.



The black stuff is a memory plastic, like softsculpt which can be heated and remoulded. Every week they will change the position of my thumb to bring it closer to a natural grasp. It is a bit sore but not too painful – a huge relief as I am off to the Wirral and Blackpool next week to do talks. If you live up that way do come and say hello – organised through the local guilds. I am so looking forward to it as cabin fever is beginning to set in. I will have the book too - it is coming early next week. This week has been difficult as City Link lost the proofs so the printer had to print another set – full colour proofs are very expensive so I hope they can get their money back from the carrier. Needless to say they arrived the day after we had proofed from the new ones.


They look great – very colourful and I’m really pleased. It should be on the website on Thursday and we have a great give-away for those who order early. It is a good sized piece of this special dissolvable film (see above) that can be used for three-dimensional effects. It dries really hard and is super for stiffening fine fabrics or net – like this box.


It is also great for jewellery – I’ve got lots of ideas in the book so the lucky ducks will be able to get on with some excitements straight away. If you haven’t got your name down on the ‘let me know list’ for Dissolvable Delights get on now at Another goodie that comes with this book will be the on-line lessons and we are hoping to include a video as part of the course. Michael and I shot it before I had my hand done so I’m afraid you won’t get to see the bondage gear.

Thanks for messages – I shall work on a tutorial as it seems lots of people have the app. That is what it was Lexa – an app called Photoshop Touch for ipads or tablets. Nothing you cannot do in Photoshop Elements but it only costs six pounds for the app.


Heather said...

I can't decide whether your new plaster is Vivienne Westwood or Anne Summers! Possibly a collaboration?
Looking forward to your new book so much - how awful that City Link lost the prints.
Enjoy your trip north - I'm sure all those listening to your talks will have a great time.

Amanda said...

So, what do you have in mind for the cast once your thumb has finished with it? Looking forward to seeing the book.

gilby said...

Hi Maggie love the pink and black look, very trendy you need the whip and extremely high heeled shoes to complete the look.
Looking forward to the new book, i have done the let me know bit.

Julie said...

Very stylish cast that Maggie. We are off to Lancashire too this week but I don't think we'll get to Blackpool. Good luck with the new book and enjoy your trip.

WendyCarole said...

That is a very fine cast.

embexstudio said...

I may have a corset to match the cast! xxx