Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Touch of the Photoshop Magic

Today is the day of the shed raising. Like barnraising but with a small shed. The extended family are in the garden -not actually building but moving a shed. It is a race against the weather.

I am indoors, playing with Photshop touch on my galaxy thingy (as it has become known). Amazing value at six pounds, it has layers, good effects and great selection tools.


This pic uses a photo of silver birch, much duplicated, some layers inverted, others warped. Huge fun.

More to come in future blogs, I am sure.Thanks for comments, all much appreciated. I do bruise very easily Linie, so not all due to pressure. It faded disappointing quickly so perhaps a good thing that it didn't get its own blog.


Heather said...

Sad that your bruise faded quickly - you lose out on so much sympathy that way!
Love your Photoshop silver birch design - it is beautiful.
Hope the shed is happy in it's new surroundings.

Su said...

That's very clever - I downloaded it after reading your last post, but I'm not as good at using it as you are!

Hope you continue to make a good recovery :-)

Julie said...

I've downloaded it too and I've had a little play but I definitely need more practice.

Suzanne said...

Great drawing with left hand just wish my right was as good! Love the photos I must try the photoshop

Lexa said...

Glad for you that things are coming along. I love the picture but must have missed the post with what the download is. I did go back searching but no luck.