Friday, 7 September 2012

New WoW

Many thanks to all of you for saying how much you have enjoyed the September issue of Workshop on the Web and for being so understanding about the price rise.

You are saying that even at twenty pounds a year it is great value for all the step-by-step workshops.  I especially loved the ones by Sherrill Kahn and Stephanie Redfern in this issue. I always like working with slips (making pieces separately from the background and applying them) and Stephanie has turned it into an art form. Right is her bird slip on step one of the background.

Below right is the bird on the finished background. Isn't he great?  I love her stitching too - detail of the bird here on the left.

My workshop on making metal flowers caused lots of emails about the size. I deliberately didn't put this in as I thought they could be any size and for Gilby's table setting they would need to be smaller or you couldn't see across the table (maybe that is the idea!). My petals were about eight inches long by four at the widest point but if you make paper cut outs first they tend to be automatically the right proportions.

We are planning a series of extra goodies and I can now afford to continue to have really exciting contributors.We don't take a lot from the site,  it is by the way of being our hobby, but I like to pay people properly for their great articles and we have some big names.

 If you don't belong have a look at the free Taster

 If you do belong, a mention on your blog is always welcome. Tell them it's a real bargain before the price rises next month.

I haven't had time to stitch out my 'Looking Through' piece yet as the mad impulse that made me clean out the workshop is continuing through the house. Clive has been infected and is painting the hall. Halls are horrid - all those doors. I am keeping him going by feeding him home made bread. I found my breadmaker in the tidying process and it still works. I remember that I stopped using it as I eat too much bread but Clive needs feeding up and Mr Panasonic is doing a good job.


Sorry Floozina - I'm no expert on blogs - anyone know how to get blog posts sent as emails?

Heather and Gilby - every meeting of stitchy friends sees me taking a large box of cast offs for folk to dip into. I've got rid of lots of stuff like this but it is usually accompanied by groans from those who couldn't resist adding to their own clutter.

I used to have  a spare bed in my workroom in the old house, Wabbit. It was a bit of a disaster when anoyone wanted to stay and usually meant that three feet of muddle lived on our bedroom floor for the duration. I liked the comment about it being cheaper to buy a new USB stick (I'm sure you are right)  but Bernina charge a fortune for theirs and you can't initialize a 'normal' one to take their designs so it is a matter of principle.


Heather said...

I love Stephanie Redfern's bird designs too, and your metal flowers. They'd look good in my garden and beat the snails and slugs!
WOW will still be great value even when the price rise comes into operation.

Unknown said...

WOW is still fabulous value; I love dipping back into the older ones because what I maybe didn't find triggered off an idea the first time around, almost always does next time I have a look. Love it!

Wabbit said...

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of WOW is that one cannot find these new ideas in embroidery and textiles anywhere else! How many print magazines do we all purchase that little original content? When you compare, WOW is worth quite a bit more than we pay for it, even at the new rate.