Friday, 23 November 2012

Lovely work

Just had to show you this lovely piece by Gillian Boyle. She made it from techniques in my Dissolvable Delights book and the free lessons that went with it. I don't know if this shows samples laid over each other, Gilian. If it isn't, I think you should stitch it together straightaway as it is a super shape. Gillian's 2013 project is to create a panel for each season of the year. Hope she shows us the other ones as they come along.

I received the printer proofs for Lynda Monk's new book, Exploring Creative Surfaces,  yesterday and he is promising it for early December so have a quick look on and put your name down if you'd like us to tell us when it is here and have the chance of winning a giveaway. There will be free online classes from Lynda in the new year and I can promise that they will be wonderful.

Today Clive and I are going to John Lewis to buy a new laptop. The one we use for talks has served us well but is getting a bit creaky. I hate new computers - all that hassle transferring everything. We are going to John Lewis because they seem least likely to fold in the current downturn (also because they do good lunches.)

We are working on a new look for the blog, so watch this space.


Heather said...

Gillian's piece of work is wonderful and I am off to put my name down for Lynda's book. Happy laptop hunting - they are fantastic when they do what you want them to!

Julie said...

Happy laptop hunting Maggie as Heather said. Gill's work is fabulous. I shall have to ask her for a closer look!

gilby said...

Thank you for showing my work on your blog and for the lovely comments.