Monday, 12 November 2012

More Work on the Diary

Thanks for the encouraging comments. I've been working on the images I showed you and the 'Still Life of a Cold' piece is almost done. The borders are rather large so I will adjust before applying them.

The little Lemsip packets also need finishing off - one needs his orange flash stitched.
They were made from the crumpled and oiled paper which was torn and placed on felt before stitching.

The felt around the edges was finished with a soldering iron which gives a firm edge. I prefer black felt as it adds definition to edges and makes them stand out more.

The second diary day was the photo of the woods, with some gorse, that I messed about with on my Galaxy tab. Quite excited about this as I printed on some calico with kozo fibre stuck on top. See right.

This was coated with inkAID and the resulting print was great. It can be difficult to get through the printer so I don't advise trying this at home.

It gave a most amazing texture, especially for the trees. Not sure if you can see it in the pic below.

I think it is much too stiff to stitch but I might be able to soften it if I manipulate it. It needs a bit of wiggling - technical term, that.

Other experiments were also encouraging. I transferred the piece below by ironing Fusible Webbing to felt and applying a print. Then rubbed the water away from the back until the print was revealed.

Finally I printed it out on silk, tore it into strips and will add masses of straight stitch to it, using my Mulberry silks. A good project for a winter's evening.

But not tonight, as I am going singing. Our Local Vocals choir is practising Christmas songs so it will be jolly. Apart from that one weird tune that I can't get the hang of.

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Heather said...

This is a very inspirational post. Still Life of a Cold is looking very good - such a clever idea - and the gorse piece is going to be wonderful.
I daren't risk printing on fabric as my printer is very temperamental but have had reasonably good results using the photocopy-and-rub-away-the-paper method.
Glad you have recovered enough to attend your Choir practice. Happy caroling.