Friday, 30 November 2012

It's all Happening Here

It looks like being an exciting weekend. I am waiting for a book delivery - Lynda Monk's new book,  Exploring Creative Surfaces, which I hope may be here this evening. It is such a great book and she is doing amazing things with such ordinary things as scrim and Tyvek, as you can see here.

I also love her easy screenprinting tips which result in wonderfully colourful surfaces like this one.

Taken to the other extreme she describes techniques for cut-outs that can be fragile and lacy or made to resemble metallic surfaces. Below is a shrine made using the metallic look, with a detail under it.

There is still time to go to and put your name on the let me know list. No obligation and you might win one of Lynda's special packs of 'stuff'.

We will also be giving away some of these packs with the first Exploring Creative Surfaces books that we send out. They will enable you to get on and try Lynda's great ideas straight away.

It is also Workshop on the Web time again, as if you didn't know, and it's an exciting edition.

The great thing about WoW is that we can give such detailed step by steps for techniqes and we have a real expert on printing (Laura Boswell), a lovely Bondaweb idea from Jessica Richardson, shown right, articles on using embossing powder, mixed media books and much more.

 The pic below is by Carol Wiebe, and looks at stitching digital printouts.

Tomorrow is the official start of Christmas in the Grey household as we are off to the Stanpit party, always the first Saturday in December. This is where we all took our City and Guilds exams in the long ago, dark ages. There has been a party ever since and usually my group organises it but we have handed on the baton to another group. The new group's first action was to ask me to do the talk, so I am delighted to still be involved. They can't get rid of me that easily! The subject is Faces and Places. I rely on Jane Wild for many of the Faces - I love this painting of hers - it reminds me of the Gaudi chimney pots in Barcelona.

And, while we are on the subject of drawing this is one of mine, called One Tree Hill.

As soon as this weekend is over I must get on with Christmas but I am also hoping to revamp my blog - so watch this space!

Sorry about these two pics - they were not invited and they won't go away - a bit like the telephone cold callers we are currnetly plagued with.


Heather said...

Lynda Monk's new book sounds and looks wonderful and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
Your post is full of beautiful and inspiring images - just what I need to restart my lost mojo. I love One Tree Hill and that face is very striking. All that and WoW too which sounds full of delights as usual.

4S said...

Have just ordered Lynda's new book. 'Him down the shed' is buying it for me for Christmas.

Heather said...

Just ordered Lynda's book and had a very quick peek at a few of the WoW workshops. They look very exciting and I can't wait to print them off. The next WoW sounds great too - many thanks once again.

Maggi said...

WoW is as good as ever this time and Lynda's book looks great.Hope to be ordering soon.

gilby said...

New book arrived full of colour and texture,and great ideas for my 2013 project.