Monday, 21 January 2013

Off to the Show

First of all, the give-away. I have addresses for Frances and Sandy for the giveaway but need Vicky and Lexa. I have a pack of Shrinky and some metal for you. Sending out has been delayed as 'staff', who does the sending, was delayed by the snow!

I am in a bit of a panic about going to the Exeter Craft4crafters show on my own but we are loathe to leave the house unguarded in this weather and the house-sitter is worried about leaving her own place unattended. She may still  make it so I have my fingers crossed.

I am so looking forward to working with West Country Embroiderers as I know that they have a lovely demo area and exhibition at the show. I am going to demo oiled paper, water-soluble stuff and pasta machine collagraphs.

I hope to get some work done at the show, making a start on the design below. It is a plan of a walk through the woods near our house with the main path depicted as a tree. On either side of this will be oiled paper prints, with stitching and there will be notes hanging from the branches. You can see the 'back of the envelope' version below.

I did a quick colour rough of how it might look. This was rather fun so I hope it works as a larger piece.

Some of the snow photos taken recently will be added.

Getting packed is taking ages. It didn't help that Smudge ran off with the large lump of Vilene for the backing and tried to hide it under the bathmat. I really don't know how he lifted it.

He hates the snow and has decided to resume his work for the RSPB by doing a bird count from the warmth of the windowsill. Preferable to his usual bird work, which involves culling.

The snow was great fun for everyone but Smudge. We live very near the trail-ways (miles of open country) where people hike, dogwalk and cycle, but mostly they are sledging just now. I love watching them all go by and this pack of wirehaired Vizslas, below are frequent passers-by. Folk are always jolly and chatty when off to do something they enjoy, don't you think?

Do come to the show if you can. I would love to see you.


Heather said...

Love your walk-through-the-woods-map tree idea - it's going to be beautiful. I do hope you get to Exeter and enjoy the show. Smudge was obviously hoping to go with you and show his assemblage (Vilene and bathmat)! Safe journeys - keep warm.

Su said...

Bit far for me to come, but I'm sure it'll be great! I have a cat who tries to hide things under things too!

Lexa said...

Our cat sits by the window and sounds like she would like to take on every bird outside. Doesn't like the cold so has to just pretend! Have sent info again as obviously a glitch in space.