Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Book Give-Away

Gosh! Two posts in two days. I shall have to lie down in a darkened room. With this heat I might have to do that anyway. Thank you for the comments on my Perth textile. I do enjoy doing those diary pieces - just like doing a stitchy jigsaw.

This post is to tell you that we have some fantastic books up for grabs for subscribers to Workshop on the Web. This is to thank you for all that you have been doing for us in our drive for new members. Also for the lovely comments you have been sending about WoW. They do encourage us so much.

We have books to give away for WoW subscribers. Here are the books:

Embroidered Art by Lindsay Taylor
Art Quilt Portfolio - People and Portraits curated by Martha Sielman
500 Paper Objects curated by Gene McHugh (two copies to win)
Wee felt Worlds edited by Amanda Caresti
Transfer Painting by Mary Gamester
Printing on Fabric by Jen Swearington
Suzanne Golden Presents Interviews with 31 Artists who Innovate with Beads (two copies available to win)
Creative Thursday by Marisa Anne
Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes

To enter the competition email   fiona@workshopontheweb.com  with the word 'competition' in the subject line. In the main body of the email, make sure we have your name, email address and which book you would like (only one per person, please).
We will do a blind selection on the 5th August - plenty of time for you to enter.
This is just for WoW subscribers - if you don't subscribe, today is the last day of our special offer for new subscribers. Find out more at www.workshopontheweb.com
Can't leave without putting up a pic. I grew this clematis from a teeny weeny little plug plant. I am very proud of it.


Gill said...

Thanks Maggie! I hope I'm still in time!

Heather said...

Lovely clematis - the colouring is very cooling, hopefully!

Dee P said...

Thank you for not forgetting us! it was great to share the bookmarks with people who have never even heard of WOW.