Thursday, 24 January 2008

Down to Earth

Arti - (back to the nickname again, I'm afraid) I've used the soy silk on the embellisher with no difficulty but haven't tried by hand. I have got Val from Silk Sacks on the case and she will let us know.
Elli - that is a brilliant title. I love it and will probably use it, if that's OK. I can see a globe with its middle bit highlighted, seen through a sighting device. certainly need a few lunches for this series.
The first piece will be called Earth Music and I have a rough drawing, shown here half completed, of how it might look.

I managed to do some sneaky work on it by incorporating some Distress Crackle I was trying out for WoW Products page. Here's a detail.

This is my original page from the Earth book. Moving it while scanning gave me the idea of strips over a background. Doesn't look much like the drawing but there are elements in there. Hope to start on it next week when I've finished proofing mags.

The cat has provided another entertainment. In addition to the tummy troubles (still ongoing) she has got sore eyebrows and keeps scratching them. The vet provided a collar and Clive and I duly fitted it.

Stevens went ballistic. It was just like blowing up a balloon and then letting it go without tying it up - the minute we let her go she shot off round the room backwards at 100 mph. Ornaments, furniture, books and magazines were flying through the air. She removed the collar in about two minutes by jamming her head under the bookcase while still in reverse. She then shook herself, gave us a hard stare and sat down for a wash as though nothing had happened.

I have given up on the collar.


artisbliss said...

I have never heard of a cat with sore eyebrows before. That Stevens is quite an enigma. Poor kitty--she must be miserable.

I look forward to finding out what you hear from Val. Thanks for checking for me.

Sequana said...

What a word picture that was! *L*

Poor kitty.

M Dawson said...

Poor Stevens. Our five, well the three adults, can empathise with his distress. We had those 'Elizabethan' collars as they are called - they lasted five seconds. I don't know who was more distressed - the cat trying to walk forwards/backwards and tipping up all the time or me watching them do it. As with you, the collar came off pronto. I just kept a close eye on them.

Oh and by the way. I WISH you wouldn't put such tempting books up on QuiltWoW. I have just taken delivery of my second from the selection and dare not go back again. I have the first edition of Thr3fold and will get more, and 'Finding Your Own Visual Language' both of which are l reads. Visual Language is such a treat - not coming down on the side of one particular discipline but being general in approach. I have also made three of the patchwork bags too :-)) (not showing off but thought you would like to know!) Easy and fun. Thank you.

M Dawson said...

Oh - PS our Sooty gets sore eyebrows - she is allergic to flea bites. If we miss our Frontline treatment by a day or two she gets scabby eyebrows!!!

Maggie Grey said...

Life has settled a little now, on the cat front, although Clive and I still have to don riot gear to give her the medicine.
Interesting what you say, marjorie, about the Frontline, as the vet now thinks that the whole problem is allergy based. We have some (very expensive) special food. I think it was prepared by Gordon Ramsey, looking at the bill. Off to London today - see you tomorrow.

chrissythreads said...

Oh Maggie poor Stevens! Our puppy had 'the op' last week and they threatened him with the dreaded collar because we have another dog (not that he noticed a thing he was too interested in food anyway as you can see on my blog) but after a couple of fitting attempts they did a prompt retreat and said they didn't think he'd lick the wound anyway. Fortunately all went well, Hope Stevens is recovered soon.

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

Yep, that sounds fairly typical cat behaviour if mine are anything to go by! Love those sketches.

Digitalgran said...

I love your Stevens reports! Love the work too.