Friday, 4 January 2008

An Embellisher Problem

Just a quick post because I forgot to answer an embellisher query from a couple of blogs ago. It was about Pfaff embellisher needles breaking. I've found, running the courses, that this happens with some Pfaffs and the solution is to use Babylock needles. This has sorted it out well, so far. Thanks to Myfanwy Hart for that tip.

Cat Stevens kept sitting on my pre-felts - so nice and soft. So I cut her off a piece of her own. You can see it to the right of the uncomfortable scratchy organza I was working on. You can't win with cats.

Point taken on the cold weather. How do you live with it? We are lucky down here on the South Coast - never cold for long and rarely any snow.

Annabelle - I'm sticking with the stiff upper lip for now.

Glad you got your coffee Shirley. Happy to have been of service!

Verobirdie - you will love it.

Sorry about the bear thing, Sue. I'll have to tell the bear factory.

Thanks for the ideas for the Celtic Warriors - I'll have a think about that.

Thanks also for all the good wishes. The cooker man cometh today so I may have my big oven back. Fingers crossed.


chrissythreads said...

My own 2 puss cats love sitting in the middle of my piles of stuff when I'm embellishing. Recently I had a module where we had to work with recycled materials so all I had to do for one sample was embellish in what the cats had left behind -it proved quite decorative! I also made some felt out of the stuffing from a toy the puppy had destroyed and mixed pet's combings. Well they have to work for their keep occasionally don't they.

Carol said...

I have a Pfaff embellisher. I bought it just before Christmas and have gon through 11 needles so far I now only have 4 left. I looked yesterday to see how much they were to replace and was shocked when I saw the price. I would love some more information about using the babylock needles. They are not cheaper but are they stronger.I am going to be much more careful from now on.

Kate North said...

I think you have to use reverse psychology with cats - pretend that sitting on the scratchy organza is what you want and that Cat Stevens definitely should NOT sit on the felt, and it will probably all work out... :)

silly hill said...

maggie I've seen this mentioned in several places but don't know what they are ... pre felts ???

Digitalgran said...

Now you have your oven back will you have less time to blog and create lovely work?

Anonymous said...

I have had exactly the same problem with my pfaff embellisher. Just have a few needles left. Was wondering where to gat replacement needles from as they don't seem quite so available as the Babylock and other machines. can you just confirm that it's alright to use Babylock needles in a Pfaff embellisher; I assume there is just one standard tyoe.
Many thanks. I appreciate the tip.

gilby said...

Maggie i also have seen pre felts mentioned what are they and who supplies them.
I own the Janome embellisher and so far have had no needle problems, the needles appear to be stronger than some makes of embellisher.

verobirdie said...

A poodle is a small dog, isn't? And the lady use her dog on the embellisher. There is definitely something I did not understand... At least I hope so.
Reverse psychology works on some cats, the younger ones. The older have understood the trick and try it on their humanes, in my opinion.
That's a lovely family picture; great to see you all.

quiltkunstquilt said...

I also have a Pfaff embellisher and have that problems with the broken needles. Now I heard in an german Yahoo embellisher group that you can shortening handfelting needles whitch are lots of cheaper than the machine felting needles.You need an electrically tool to shorten the needles, I dont know the english word for it, in german : Dremel and you have to put the needle in a vise.
For avoiding brokening needles it is also helpfull to put the needleholder so near as possible to the felt and to accelerate fully. And you have to pay attention not to pull on the felt.