Sunday, 20 January 2008

Memories are Made of This

As usual I'm inspired by your comments, many thanks.

Aussie Jo - liked the lost in space idea for the sketchbook. That's certainly an option. Bet you'll have fun with Dale. I do a course called Frescos and Fragments too. Will have to compare notes with Dale.

The more I look at the satellite book, the more I can see stitch. Next week I must finish WoW and proof Quiltwow and then I shall start on the sketchbook. It's time to do products - my favourite bit. You'll have to look out for a £4 version of the book, Margaret.

Elli - I thought your new surname was rather exotic, but it should be back to normal now. Good about the bodies.

I've continued to sort and classify my book collection (home-made rather than hardback). Don't know which category this little chap fits into. It is made from Softsculpt, warmed and then folded in half. Warmed again and each half pressed over a bottle. Then bits of stitching and organza scraps applied to the 'covers'.

I suppose it isn't really a book as you can't open and shut it, but it does have leaves. They are, of course, leaf shaped and stitched on water-soluble film with the edges wired.

Today I've been sorting out a box from the loft. We are trying to clear it so we can have some additional insulation put in there - a very green ambition. I found a lot of stuff that I couldn't bear to go through when my mother died, some years ago. Very sentimental letters from my father from his destroyer during the war. They were supposed to get married at Christmas 1944 but he was called back to his ship hours before the wedding. Apparently the reception went on without him and sounds like a very boozy affair as he is asking 'Did your mother get very drunk?'. This is my stiff and starchy granny he's talking about!!! Such revelations.

Clive and I were discussing the fact that past generations of men were much more sentimental, even though the stiff upper lip was much in evidence. I have a diary and postcards from my grandfather in the first world war and his letters are even more gooey.

Do you think that this is true, or have you all got love letters, tied with ribbon, tucked away?


Digitalgran said...

A lovely post Maggie. I think what you say about men these days is very true, Emyr is a man of few words. More of an 'action man' in the nicest sense I hasten to add. (smile)

artisbliss said...

My husband and I were hardly out of each other's sight during our courtship, so there was no real need to write letters. However, I do have some, plus years and years worth of mushy cards for various occasions.

artisbliss said...

I've given you an award. Please go to my blog to see it.