Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chocks Away

Thanks to you all for the kind comments. Muriel - I look forward to seeing you on the island.

Thanks to 'thebench' who commented on my hellebore posting and told me about Heronswood ( They have some fantastic hellebores. Which state are they in - couldn't find an address.

I have one more piece to finish for the exhibition but it will have to be done next week now. I finished this piece yesterday - based partly on fossil fishes and partly on the design that I was given at the Beyond Stitch (local group) challenge.

This was the original.

Here's the piece.

I tried to show a detail but it kept crashing.

I am all packed for Jersey but the forcast is for terrible gales and it is only a small plane. Gulp. Glad I decided against the ferry. My first ever plane trip was on a tiny Micky Mouse plane to Amsterdam. The weather was awful and it was so bumpy. Clive said to me, 'You only start to worry when they stop serving drinks'. You guessed it, just at that moment there was a bing-bong and that was what they announced. We made it, though.

See you all in a week or so, unless I find a handy computer on the island.


Lorraine said...

Hi Maggie,

I looked at the Heronswood website and they are in Pennsylvania. Can't wait to get a catalog but think I'll shop locally. We have some great nurseries here on Whidbey Island. Enjoy your island trip. I absolutely love your blog. You share so freely.

Lorraine in WA state.

artisbliss said...

Bon voyage, Maggie.

Digitalgran said...

Safe jkourney Maggie and enjoy yourself when you arrive.

Unknown said...

Heronswood is located in Pennsylvania - the contact page is linked below.

Kim said...

The piece you've shown is Beautiful , I love whatever it is you've done lol - not sure what it is but I want some!