Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Fruits and Fossils

Annabelle - I’ve been trying to think of an intelligent apple question but have failed. I did make a piece called ‘Genetics of the Fruit Bowl’ about how my oranges decayed so quickly while Clive’s apples lasted forever. I suspected genetic tinkering - hence the title. Photo below.

Detail of oranges. I was leaving one rotting in the garage so I could photograph it in various stages of decay. Then I forgot it and Clive found this horrible mummified green thing months later.

Sorry if I’ve shown these before - they seem to fit the apple theme. Can’t remember anything these days. There was an excellent programme on how memory works on TV last night but we forgot to record it!

Busy now getting ready for my weekend class - extreme embellishing. The great thing about this workshop is that it follows on from a previous class so I know everybody. We are all going on a class outing to the exhibition and then for a meal on Friday evening. It’s so nice to have a chance to chat to people as the workshops are always so hectic.

The embellishing is not really very extreme but I wanted it to cover the use of a design source so I asked everyone to send me a design. Now I have to print them all on habotai silk and it is taking ages. This is a detail of a bag front that I’ve been working on for the course.

The basic design was a fossil photo (still going on this theme). I twiddled a bit in paint Shop Pro and quite like the result. Unusual colours for me.

Thanks for the nomination, Margaret S. Very flattering and I will have to have a think about inspirational blogs. Problem is that I find so many inspire me that choosing will be hard. I see that you were in my neck of the woods in Poole recently.

Marie Roper tells me that we are both doing a talk on computer design at the Festival of Quilts on the same day. Whoops. We have decided to put our heads together to make sure we don’t say the same thing. We can then tell people that it will be ‘The Holistic Experience on Computers’. The tickets for both talks are selling well so I don’t think it will cause problems.


artisbliss said...

It was your fruit bowl piece that got me interested in embellishing machine work, Maggie. It's good to see it again. I love the mummified orange story--sounds like something I'd do. Great intentions and all that.

Your fossil bag front is amazing.

Margaret S said...

Glad you were okay with the nomiation Maggie, I have heard back from most of my 10 bloggers and it is gratifying to know that it has had a positive effect on people. A great idea to promote creative support through blogging.
I have in the past threatened my daughter that I would seek you out or attend one of your workshops but it never seems to happen, maybe one day!!!!!!! X mgt

Genie said...

Love the fossils. I also come from Poole but now live in Devon.

Julie said...

Glad someone else forgot the memory programme! I meant to watch it too :) I'll be sure to look you up at the FOQ. Can't wait!

chrissythreads said...

Following your example I am going fairly 'extreme' with the embellisher at the moment, using it to create pods and webs to be in trees (don't ask its to do with my degree course!)sometimes I think there's nothing this wonderful machine can't do.

English Rose said...

Hi Maggie,

went to the exhibition yesterday and met a couple of ladies who are coming today to the extreme embellishing course. I told them I was very envious! left my comment in the book, but wanted to say that it's worth the trip to visit. I am reasured that working in isolation in kuwait is not pushing me so very far off beam!!

West Country Buddha said...

All apple related questions are intelligent! I hooted at the orange story, but loved the results - the oranges in the bowl are wonderful.

Teen Dating - said...

Great artwork !