Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Well Hung!

I shall probably get lots of porny comments with that heading.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. Glad you all missed me - it’s great to be home.

Artisue - the metallic ‘tiles’ are made from Model Soft (from Winifred Cottage) - a similar material to Hearty clay. I squish it onto felt, pressing with my thumbs, impress with a stamp and cut into shapes when it is dry. Then paint and gild. The felt makes it easy to stitch.

When am I coming to France? Or Wales? Sorry, but no plans at the moment, I’m afraid. In fact I’m planning on taking a bit of time out next year to work on some new classes. Then, hopefully, I shall bounce back with lots of new ideas and energy. Have lots of teaching this year first, though. I shall still be doing talks next year but not so much teaching.

On Monday I finished the mixed media piece that I was blogging about. Here it is.

Not much stitching but I liked the effect - a different look for me. Here's my fossil fish. he was stitched with Stitch'n'Tear under the stitching. Then I turned the work upside down so that the paper was on top. Zapped the felt a bit to make him arch his back (felt a bit guilty when he writhed in apparent agony) and finally painted with dilute walnut ink.

We hung the Highcliffe Castle exhibition yesterday. Here's a tiny pic of the venue. Impressive but not actually as old as it looks - built in about 1830.

It was a mass turnout for Wessex Textiles, as most of us were present. Usually we are very good at persuading other members to hang our stuff. We were all allocated a section of wall and off we went. Some of the screens hadn't turned up so two of us had to leave our work to be put up by the gallery staff. I went in today to steward and it was all up and looking good. Here is my Triangular Disintegration piece with 'Triffid Seeds' underneath. This had to go sideways but I rather like the effect.

My deep box frames were horrible to hang on the wire fitting so some of the fossils went in a cabinet. Quite a good effect but the cabinet door swung open just as I was standing up and nearly knocked me out. I have a huge bump.

Here is some colourful work from Brenda Weeks

I love her Magic Mushrooms. Good to have some fun pieces.

Today I have been back to do some stewarding. It was colder in the castle than it was outside so I sat next to a small electric radiator. Then I sat on the small radiator. By the time I went home I practically had the thing on my lap. There were not many people about as it is so close to Easter so I gave up and came home early. I'm still not warm yet.

More exhibition pics soon.


Kate said...

Ooh Maggie - I'm really liking that fishy mixed media piece. That clay/felt idea sounds like something my daughter and I will be trying soon. When we've moved (help!) but we will have a studio, so it'll be worth it! Lovely to have you back, by the way. I've missed all the inspiration. Glad you had a good time. x

Stitchety Grub said...

I smiled all the way through this blog entry ...especially the heading haha! and am still sitting here with a daft smile on my face!
Britt Western Australia :D

Digitalgran said...

You do have quite a turn of phrase Maggie :)). Sorry you won't be visiting Wales for a while.
I look forward to more photos from the exhibition.

artisbliss said...

These are wonderful. I really like the edge treatment on your triptych. Is that copper foil or somesuch?

I'm going in search of a US equivalent to model soft.

Maggie Grey said...

Kate - We are hoping to move next year (assuming that houses are selling again) and I really don't know how we are going to do it. We are devoting this year to throwing out as much junk as possible. Let me know how the move goes.

Artisue - I'm sure you will find Hearty clay quite easily as it is an American product.

Aussie Jo said...

Your pieces look sensational displayed.
I'm surprised nobody has commented on your blog title, better not let my husband see it! He already complains about all the junk mail on viagra etc that I get. (They think Jo is a bloke!!)

West Country Buddha said...

The work in the box frames looks amazing. As for the title...well, I have a new blog (rebranded!) and it started off being called west country lady, but the first day I had loads of visitors from india, pakistan, saudi, malaysia etc and I couldn't understand why. It was a new blog with no links. And then I twigged...they thought the "lady" bit meant I was a porn site!! I'm now a west country mother which I don't think will get anyone excited. Good youre back and glad the exhibitions are going so well. (Annabel - previously the wittering rainbow)

Unknown said...

Maggie - I hope to visit the exhibition soon, once things settle here at home. If you are planning to move and de-clutter beforehand don't throw anything away without offering it on your blog first!! I find this works well offering bits for challenges!! Hope to catch up with you soon. Anna Nowicki