Monday, 17 March 2008

Home from Overseas

Yipee! I'm home and, apart from the outward-bound journey, I've had such a good time.

Nightmare journey over to Jersey last Monday. Driving to the airport we found trees down all through the New Forest and the wind howled, the rain lashed sideways and we were both sure that the flight would be cancelled. However, our flight was listed and we boarded. Before take-off, during the pilot's chat, one poor traveller grabbed his bag and got off. I think the rest of us would have followed but they shut the doors quickly and started to taxi. It was bumpy and we were the last flight allowed out that morning.

That wasn't the end of it - we had to keep an eagle eye on the rental car as the sea was up over the road where we were parked. Clive moved it to a car park up a hill and we decided it gave a whole new meaning to the term hire car.

It was all worth it as the week was great with excellent exhibitions, lovely students and a good chance to catch up with folk like Jae Maries, Ruth Lee. Wendy Hughes, Christine Witham and Alysn Midgelow-Marsden. I stayed in the same B&B with Bonnie McKerracher and she was lovely. Clive came home on Thursday and I flew back yesterday.

I was teaching mixed media and here are a few pics for a start. No names as there were so many students, but they kindly agreed to be anonymous.

I'm in a great flap today as I have a full in-tray and the exhibition hanging is tomorrow. I was one pic short and I'd hoped to do something over there but materials ran short so I've been madly painting Paper Perfect and gesso on to Vilene. Will show it if it looks OK.

More pics from my classes and views from the exhibition tomorrow.


artisbliss said...

These are cool. What did you use for the metallic looking embossed pieces?

Glad you're back safe and sound.

Kate said...

So glad you're back, I've been missing your blog terribly. Looking forward to seeing more pics. These look very intriguing.

Wendy said...

Some lovely work. I am sure your students will love seeing their work up on your blog. Look forward to seeing the rest of the pics

Julie said...

Welcome back Maggie. Glad you survived that awful weather! The work is beautiful.

Ro Bruhn said...

Treacherous journey, but wonderful work at the end of by your students.

Stitchety Grub said...

Fabulous pics - clever students... I am looking forward to seeing more
Britt Western Australia :D

verobirdie said...

It must have been a terrible journey! Amazing what you can do for the love of textile art and for your students! Those pictures are beautiful. When are you coming to the South of France ????

Digitalgran said...

Welcome home Maggie, so glad you made it. I hate it when there is a strong side wind. You have been missed. Your students created some lovely work.
Vero asked when are you going to the S of F, now I'm asking when are you coming back to the N of W?

MixPix said...

Welcome back - missed you - glad you are safe - love the students work - I'm also in S of France and would be very interested if you decided to teach here.