Wednesday, 25 June 2008

In which you hear about Clive's vices

Glad you enjoyed the cloning session Cathy. I think we were talking at cross purpose about posting pics on other folks' blogs. I thought you meant on your blog. Don't think you can post pics in remarks - but I may be wrong.

Sojourner - glad you are no longer lurking. Your new dog looks lovely and it is quite true what you say about Borders - they do need a lot of work. A friend of mine had a lovely one but she was exhausted through most of his puppyhood. She was desperately wishing for a version of doggie nursery school as he wanted someone to play with the whole time. To get back on track - yes, I was using Paintshop Pro - version 9, so quite an old one. To put tissue through an ordinary printer work like this:

  1. Take a sheet of ordinary A4 (letter) printer paper and cut a sheet of tissue paper slightly larger.

  2. Go all around the edges of the printer paper with a glue stick. The 'stripe' of glue should be about half an inch.

  3. Press the tissue onto the printer paper and cut to the same size. Make sure that there are no sticky edges.

  4. Print using the Transparency option, if you can find this on the driver but it is not essential. Tissue paper doesn't need as much ink.

  5. Finally print in the usual way. Leave to dry and cut around the edge or pull gently apart to release the tissue.

You are not adding bulk so it should go through perfectly well - no responsibility accepted if it doesn't! Some people fold over a leading edge but my printers have never liked this.

ArtiSue - we'll have to work on one. My freezer is full of the pasta recipe and I have variations. Will share when more time.

Has anyone had problems with sending emails to btinternet addresses? I have had to use snail mail to get some of the QuiltWow passwords out. We have all tried - from Fiona's house, my house, even the other daughter's house. All different machines and even clicking reply won't get them through. They don't bounce but don't get through either. Frustration.

Here is what I am doing today - joining up samples to make a long, thin piece of work. I have a mixed media course on Saturday. This is dangerously close to piecing and I don't do that, but it is quite soothing chuntering along with the 'proper' foot on the machine.

Will show you the finished piece next week. I'm quite pleased so far.

I will leave you with another Windsor piece from Debbie Lyddon. It was based on the sea and on music and it went around several walls, going from light to dark.

And a detail.

We are clearing out the garage in case we do get round to moving. Clive took me down there yesterday and showed me some of his vices! Not as exciting as his etchings.

In view of the clearing I shall be back soon with a hardware giveaway or two.


pascale putz said...

Hello Maggie,
I have already tried twice to send an email to Gwen Hedley who has an btinternet address after her article in WOW. I never got an answer. Maybe it's because she never got the mail.

Downunderdale said...

I won't tell you what I thought when you said Clive's vices.....
I thought he may have been involved in the England/NZ cricket game....

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Oh dear ..I misread the title as Clives voices... thought he had taken up singing, or is that one of his vices ? You could have a "Clives' garage vices" sale. Which could be more fun than viewing his etchings, and might be quite a money spinner ;0)
Best Wishes
(the other one)

Anonymous said...

I love your site - you say you enjoy writing the blog and your enthusiasm really comes across - and your work is inspirational. Thank you.

Aussie Jo said...

Love the double entendre.
My husband has a couple of vices too, plus a four car garage, 3 bay machinery shed and two bay shed, all full to the brim.(We are on one acre). I shudder to think of the clear-out when we downsize.
When we retire to our townhouse I will have to buy him a large shed in an industrial estate!!!

Wabbit said...

I had something clever to say, I'm sure but now I'm distracted by all the garage and shed space at Aussie Jo's! I have garage envy!

I thought it said "Clive's voices" too and thought how talented he must be and that Clive seems to be the perfect Renaissance Man!

I finally did my very first machine embroidery. I'm tickled pink with it and myself. It got me right back to the cotton and paint to do another the next day. I'm addicted! ;-))