Saturday, 7 June 2008

Yes, Sir. That's my Baby!

What a cutie, isn't he? Sorry, but the early part of this blog is a bit catty. Textiles nearer the end for those who want to skip the cat thing.

He's been visiting Stevens again and she is amazingly good with him- even when he made an attempt to investigate her undercarriage in search of sustenance.

He did have a little hiss at her when she was over-enthusiastic in the matter of earwashing. I hope he's not going to be a bully, as he is likely to be much bigger than her. You will see that Stevens sleeps in a wicker bowl. It used to hold my threads but she kept sitting on them so I gave in and handed it over. I can't tell you how many cat baskets I have offered her over the years.

You are right about the benefits of blogging Chrissy. I'm so grateful to Carol.

Clive has to do figure drawing in the next module - hope he's not going to suggest I pose for him.

Dale - so glad that the book is selling well for you. Here I am in signing mode - I have got writer's cramp and Fiona has book-stuffer's elbow. They have all gone in the post now, so should be with you soon.

I find that I spend more time looking over the top of my glasses than looking through them, lately. I have ordered a new pair with a flat top for peering over.

Anna - thanks for the tag but hope you don't mind if I respond next week. I seem to have a lot to squeeze into this epistle.

I think I will update to version 12 of PSP, Cathy. That is such a good price. I am keeping Amazon going, as I've recently had lots of books and the expresso maker died last week. I cannot live without it and am waiting for the new one to arrive.

I will look forward to your Layers demo, Maggie-Tom. Seem to be doing a lot of talks just now on computer design. I wonder why?

You are in the States, aren't you, Wabbit? (Just love that name). The books come out much later there.

I do like your drawing blog, Penny - lovely stuff. Lots of base material there for scanning in and playing. There is an article in the free taster of Quiltwow on doing stuff with Picasa. Have you seen it?

A product that features in the book is InkAid (Art Van Go in the UK). You paint it on to a surface for a better print. I have used it mostly on paper - it makes the most fantastic difference to the print quality and allows you to print on almost anything - even black paper. Jane Wild and I had huge fun making collages and printing on them. The question was often posed - does it work on fabric. Here's the answer on black poly-cotton - you can see the product (the white bit on the edge) . I don't paint the stuff all over the fabric as I love the hints of black that show through. I ironed the fabric onto freezer paper first and it went through my ordinary printer with no problems. (No responsibility taken for other people's printers, please note. The next thing is to see if I can machine into it.


mzjohansen said...

I am like totally in love with your new feline. How would not swoon ove that face?! Love the art related stuff too ... just that you can;t beat a kitty post ! I'm headed out to buy some inkaid now

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

You can stitch into InkAid no problem. I use it a lot on all sorts of surfaces but mostly fabrics.

jordi said...

What a cute little boy.. does he have a name and I missed it? My boy grew much bigger than my girl, but since she was old enough to keep him in his place as a baby he still gives her the first drink when the water is running, so let her boss him about a bit, it will be good later and I'll bet she already knows that.
Ink aid just made the shopping list.

Penny said...

gorgeous kitten. Yes Maggie I looked at the quilt wow taster and the picasa bit which is why i went back and began making collages yesterday, fun and I can see some textile influences. I have finally finished the book, sad it has no signature! Must look for transfer paper, that looks a bit like my thing and Dale is getting the ink aid.

Aussie Jo said...

What beautiful eyes, the cat I mean. Maybe Clive could sketch him?
I love wabbit too. It reminds me of a grade 3 girl I taught who had a slight speech impediment, my maiden name was Reid so she used to call me Miss Weed, I had to constantly fight to keep a straight face.

chrissythreads said...

Just a quicky to say your new kitten is sooo sweet and very handsome, and I expect they'll end up great friends. A new youngster also tends to give an older animal a new lease of life I've found so it'll probably be like having 2 kittens around for a while. Have fun!

Downunderdale said...

Hi Maggie - good to see you are resting while signing books! And we have Inkaid too for all those Aussies wanting it - just not on the website yet


Unknown said...

Oh he is so gorgeous, I miss my cats, he's making me broody
I need to get some Inkaid

gilby said...

Hi Maggie,
Love the kitten they are some size of paws for him to grow into, but he is a stunning little chap.(mad about cats).
Received my book to-day and it was well worth the wait, i shall sit in the garden reading it this afternoon.
Congratulations on producing another brilliant book.

artisbliss said...

Maggie, how adorable! I'm glad the two felines seem to be getting along. I'd hate to think what would happen if I tried to introduce a kitten to my brutes. The new one apparently brings out Stevens' maternal instinct!

Cathy said...

Your new addition is just lovely, hope you have found a good name.
Your book arrived today so happy hours of reading ahead.
love Cathy.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

The book arrived safely today... many thanks. Had a quick peek and it looks great. Kitten is georgeous, lucky you.
Maggie (otherwise known as T'om)

Kaffie said...

Hi Maggie, your book arrived today, many thanks. The photos show great stitch detail, I can't wait to try some of the techniques. I will need to order some inkaid and other things, this will give me time to peruse the pages thoroughly.
Love the kitten photos he looks very cute.
Your blog is great full of inspiration, I love the displacement maps. Best wishes
Cathy Jupp

Wabbit said...

Smudge is adorable and that's saying a lot as I'm more of a dog person. I used to have a dog that found a cat and we kept him. He was her cat though he grew to weigh a pound more than she did!

I'm all ready to play since I bought some Inkaid a couple of weeks ago and haven't tried it yet.

Yes, I am in the US, in Arizona. I'm so glad that everyone seems to like my nickname.

And yes, I read the books clear through. Often more than once if there is something that didn't stick.

M Dawson said...

Catching up in the midst of sorting out motorbike mayhem (went into road works pothole - suspension ruined - let insurance battle commence * sigh *).

I adore the kitten - I just love kittens and cats (we have five). Make sure you take lots of kitten pictures, they grow up amazingly quickly and become cats really suddenly!!!

I will save up and get the book - honest!!