Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Our Aussies

Not a pretty blog this time - just wanted to say how awful the Victoria fires are and that we are all thinking of you and sending love. It was heartbreaking on the News last night and we have so many good friends in that part of the world. Son Ian says he is fine (in Sydney) but so many people are not.

Does anyone know if there is to be an appeal fund? When the Tsunami happened we did a book auction (loads of people donated hand made books) through Workshop on the Web and raised quite a bit of dosh. Could we all make bags? Or something similar? What does anyone think? I feel we should all do something, it must be so awful.

Suggestions welcome.

PS just found that Trashie has appeal details and info http://trashaloucan.blogspot.com/2009/02/plea.html


Sonja said...

What about an auction of mixed media jewelry? Jewelry tends to sell well.

Aussie Jo said...

For those who want to do something concrete Sew Girl has some details on her 10th feb posts
They are making fun goodie bags for the little ones affected by the bushfires. She also has details of other actions.
Our school is holding special fundraising days for the next two Fridays: casual day, cake stalls, coin line etc.

Heather said...

What a good idea Maggie - I would be happy to donate something hand made.

Lisa Walton said...

Maggie - there are many appeals and they have already raised over $31 million but that was from less than 200,000 people. From a population of over 12million that is not enough.
The Red Cross has an appeal online if you want to contribute.

Julie said...

I was thinking of making a few Dottee-type-dolls and sending them to one of the Australian ladies that I have met blogging in the hope that they could pass them on. I have already started and would be happy to join in donating some handmades.

Megan said...

Hi Maggie

Posting things from other countries would be probably costly - as Lisa said donations can be made at http://www.redcross.org.au - the good thing is that the exchange rate is so bad at the moment donating $1 AUD will only cost about 45p or 66c USD!
Send money and pray for rain would be the two main things - bit of exercise for those gorgeous Anglican kneecaps of yours??

Thanks for thinking of us - and rest assured if your son is in Sydney he is safe - it is 20 degrees and overcast here today (and for the rest of the week)


hippopip said...

Thanks for these links Maggie i also felt I wanted to help it is such a wonderful country with lovely people so I donated to the Red Cross

Jen M said...

I would back Megan's comment about donating to the Red Cross, but especially about praying for rain. The drought in southern Australia has been horrendous (7 - 12 years) and that has unfortunately contributed.
I live in the suburbs of Melbourne (Victoria) and the conditions on Saturday were the most awful I can remember (including Ash Wednesday 1980's)...a student at my school lost relatives, my husband's work collegues live in the worst affected areas. Our school too is hoping to raise $20,000 AU on Friday with a casual day.
It makes us appreciate what we have!