Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Trying to Help

Yes, I think Megan and Lisa are right, it's better to send money right now - the needs are immediate. I've been to the Red Cross site and donated and also found this great blog, thanks to Dale.

They are sending comfort packs to the little ones who have lost everything and must be so bewildered. You can send materials to be made up into bags, or order on their secure site and they will send packs of brand new stuff on your behalf. I've ordered a baby pack and a couple of toddler packs. Such a great idea and they have suppliers donating stuff, too. Makes one feel a little less helpless - but not much.

Oh, Jen - it sounds awful. We are doing the praying for rain thing (but not for Queensland!).

My Sydney son is a geologist - consultant on water schemes and, although Sydney based, often travels around Gyppsland, Lakes Entrance etc. He's not the world's best at keeping in touch when he's on his travels so we were a bit worried. He's been in touch and is safe in Sydney, thank God.

i see that Horsham has been affected - we did the Forum there a while ago and loved the area.

Does anyone know my friend Karen Coldrey, from Melbourne? I've lost her email address and need to know that her and the family are OK.

I've been working very hard but it doesn't seem right to put any pics up while it is all so awful for our mates over there.


Downunderdale said...

Maggie - pics help cheer people up and create a little sense of normality. So keep at it1

Penny said...

I agree with Dale

Heather said...

Dale is right you know, but we still feel guilty when we are OK and such horrors and hardships are affecting others. I will check out that website you posted and see what I can do.

Kaffie said...

Thanks Maggie for the link to beyond pink and blue. I have ordered three packs. I also found the Austrailian Red Cross web and made a donation, at least it is something I can do. I found a website with pictures of the Victorian bushfires and comments from people, It has been good to read, from Maggies link, the activities which are being organised to help those involved in the fires. My heart and thoughts are with you in Australia.
To Maggie, your photos do cheer people up, many thanks and much appreciated.
Cathy J