Monday, 16 February 2009

Spring is Sprung

Yes, you are all quite right about pics and there are some signs of life in the garden at last (and I have a new handbag camera to play with).

Focus not quite right for these crocuses.

But the Hellebores have come out really well. I may be forced to read the camera manual.

Spring is Sprung
The grass is Riz
I wonder how the catalogue is?

A good time to check on them. - the one below is still in the ground. It would have been a great photo for Valentines Day - those crossed leaves make a perfect heart and I didn't arrange them - they just happened. I shall bring this one out of the flower bed this week and gouge out some holes. With my gloves on, of course. Then it will be a good spray of disinfectant and in the garage to dry.

The one below has been drying off for a while but is still a little damp to decorate. I shall place it in a window in the sun. It has lots of holes in it but they don't show very well. All the text has gone, which is a bit annoying but leaves me free to embellish all over. I shall show this soon, possibly with a video, so watch this space.

The final one, below, has been manipulated more than the others as I wanted it to be three dimensional. It needs more distressing but has been out for ages so I shall put the hose on it and attack with a wire brush. The folds are very firm so it is only the surface that needs attention. The catalogues will all be very different and I will be offering prizes (in stages) for the best, so keep in touch.

Went to London with Fiona and Sophie on Saturday. Was so looking forward to taking Sophie to the Natural History Museum - the bit where you go through the middle of the earth on an escalator. She didn't like it all, was quite scared and kept saying 'We don't have to go back that way, do we?' However the dinosaurs were a big hit and the treat of a taxi ride past Buckingham Palace restored the magic.


Genie said...

Flowers are lovely, my catalogue has been dry for a while so in suspense for furthur news.
have a good week

Heather said...

Your hellebores are way ahead of ours in Glos., they are so lovely. Just goes to show what a difference being that bit further south makes. Your catalogues look much more 'rotten' than mine - I might have to dunk them in the pond for a while tomorrow. Mine still look almost respectable by comparison! Glad your trip to London was a success.

Robin Mac said...

The flowers are beautiful. I think I will have to start again with a new catalogue. Mine is in bits, definitely doesn't look like a catalogue any more. We are having torrents of rain every day so shouldn't take too long to make another book rot. Cheers, Robin

Leanne said...

I'd almost forgotten what flowers look like in the garden. Still have about 2 feet of snow in my garden. Catalogues have been buried all winter, haven't found them yet!

artisbliss said...

Glad to see you're getting some spring. We're still in the throes of winter in Kansas, although today is very warm.

Just got #1 son married off this past week, which has taken quite a lot of my time, but I'm trying to get caught up with my bloggy friends.

Penny said...

Maggie how many pages in your catalogue? I have a very thick one from Ikea that is very distressed on the outside but still a bit pristine inside. Cant do another as so far no rain for almost 3 months and no immediate likely hood of any.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I just happened upon your blog and am so intrigued with the rotten catalogs! What blog entries do I go back through to find out the how to's ? Love your work - your colors and textures are fabulous!

Jackie said...

I love this post for two reasons: I have been dying to see hwat is happening to the catalogues and am still wondering... and I love the idea of a handbag camera. Does that give me permission to go and buy a real camera? I only have a handbag camera.

Carol said...

Maggie, have we had instructions with what to do with the catalogues? Is it time to get them in? I lost track on catalogue killers as work has been so busy? Sorry to be a nag.
Ps, I agree with you about paying a bit more for articles, that is why WOW is such a high quality.

Barbara M said...

I have completely abandonned my catalogue, after the initial torture session, of course - I shall go out and see how it is decomposing!(Aesthetically, I hope)