Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Not a proper blog - aha - fooled ya! Trying out this pic thingy. Thanks for the advice. Have loaded pics first, as suggested. The one below is very high res and took ages to load. It is a background from the embellisher book and used some very lightweeight non woven fabric with lettering on it. Margaret Beal sells it and it is lovely on the embellisher.

This is my pastel drawing again, loaded small to see if that makes any difference. I have found on other blogs that the click doesn't always work. They say computing is an exact science - I don't think so!



Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Maggie

The top photo does not enlarge .... the pastel does. Well done!!
Best Wishes

Maggie (the other one)

Doreen G said...

Well you are half way there Maggie anyway.
Keep trying

Downunderdale said...

hi Maggie - I got some of that fabric from Maragret too - yummy. Mine enlarge whether I load them before or after. Maybe it's the way we hold our tongues downunder.....