Friday, 2 November 2007

Why are Cats like Washing Machines?

Answer: they don't go wrong when the man comes.

Or in this case, when you get to the vets. Cat Stevens was in throw up mode last week so I made the appointment and of course she immediately got better. Took her anyway and had an interesting experience. All was well until the vet took her temperature - in the usual way. Stevens was horrified. I was holding her back legs but the front ones got away and started climbing up me. She got higher and higher. As she passed my ear, on her way down my back, the vet (by now kneeling on the treatment table) said, 'I can't let go of the thermometer or I might lose it'. This reduced me to hysterical laughter but, luckily, the minute was up and the offending instrument withdrawn. She needs a blood test but none of us could face it, so we have to go back next week. The verdict seems to be that not much is wrong.

Thanks so much for all the advice. Norton have offered us our money back as they can't figure out what is wrong (I think Megan is right). They did suggest reinstalling but we had such trouble last time that we can't face it. We have successfully installed AVG and all is running well. What a lot of hassle.

Thanks for comments - Tassie, good to have you join us. I like the sound of Trev the Wonder cat. Has he ever had his temperature taken?

Megan - with your book list, haven't you read Philip Pullman's Dark Materials, yet? We're looking forward to the film, while hoping they haven't messed it up. I made a sort of scroll, based on the Abyss - here it is.

Arti - no luck at all with the freebie tissue it had all gone! We had to make do with a coffee.

In between the vet and uploading software this is what I have been doing. Clearing my desk

Now I have to start on the workroom, which looks like this (and this is the tidy bit). I want to start on my cave series but I shall have to make a bit of room.


artisbliss said...

Poor Cat Stevens and poor you! I wouldn't dream of taking any cat's temperature barring full sedation (of the cat, not of me). It made for a hilarious anecdote, though.

I love the scroll. The colors grab me.

I am going to show your studio photo to my husband as proof that I'm not the only one who works amidst chaos!

Amanda said...

My husband won't even look into my workroom any more, so I must show him your picture. I'd like to think great works of art came out of my room, but nothing to date ...

Doreen G said...

Like the others Maggie-I thought I was the only one who had a desk like this--Glad to see I'm not on my own.

Megan said...

Thanks for the book recommendation - will add it to the summer reading pile. Actually I wondered what you meant by the reading list - then I remembered the blogger profile - oooh - you are good!
Your cat story reminded me of my favourite picture in a book I was given for Christmas as a kid - it was called "100 and 1 uses for a dead cat" and my favourite picture was of the rear view of a cat on a desk with a pencil sharpener in the same place the vet had the thermometer. My daughter rediscovered the book recently at my parents place - no prizes for guessing her favourite picture!

arlee said...

You think a thermomenter is bad? Try a glycerine suppository on a cat who is severely Megacolonic---oh the look, oh the defeat........
Love that scroll, very old old old world.

Penny said...

Maggie you give me heart looking at your workroom, I think at the moment mine is marginally tidier, but then I have two so we wont talk about the other one!

julieB said...

I've spent 3 years amassing a treasure trove of glorious stuff after reading 'Raising the Surface' & attending Josephine Edge's 'Machine Wizardry' I-IV in Devon. Now I'm on my own with not a lot to show since: this is where wow, Quilting Arts magazine & your cheery blog come in Maggie, to give me confidence & inspiration. Good to see other crazy workrooms like mine too! Now husband is out all day, so I must go & sew.

English Rose said...

Hi Maggie, I love the scroll, the colour and texture are so luscious. I will gloss over the cat-astrophe t the vets, poor wee animal, he must be deeply traumatised, but may be will think twice about throwing up all over the place if it means a trip to the vet.
I am very impressed with the tidy desk, there is a wonderful picture of my workspace looking tidy like that, my dy said I was cheating posting it as it never looks like that normally....and I have to say that the other picture full of work in progress looks like you have already started work on the cave project and its your workroom! hey ho!

Wendy said...

Love the rust work

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