Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Stitches, Shoots and Leaves

I'm so glad that you all enjoyed the tree pics. It is a fantastic year for tree colour and they were not retouched at all. Even the old silver birch at the end of my garden is trying hard. Usually the leaves go brown and then just drop off. It is on the boundary of three houses and the other two would like to get rid of it but I love it and, luckily, it has a preservation order on it.

Vonne, so sorry to hear that you can't get out. ME is a horrid thing. My friend's daughter has had it since her teens.

Dianne - glad you are pushing on with the Paint Shop Pro CD. They have been surprisingly popular. We really only offered them as an afterthought when we decided that we couldn't keep up with books on all the new releases. Details on my personal web site http://www.workshopontheweb.com/chezgrey/.

Sabine - I like that sentiment - living with the impression of nature. You are a poet.

Help needed. Does anyone know how to get the 'click to make the pic bigger' effect. Can't find it in the settings. Dale says that hers just happens.

Here's my pastel sketch. based on one of the displacement maps. I dabbed some Xpandaprint on the top left, to get the speckled effect. I'd like to work it in free machining on water soluble as a long, narrow piece.

I picked up some fallen leaves at Westonbirt and left them on the kitchen windowsill. They curled up into this lovely shape.

I rearranged them a little and plan to make a little bowl based on the shape. I have a class at the weekend where we are layering and burning so may make this up using poly-cotton and a soldering iron. We have a Beyond Stitch meeting today so I will try to get the stitching done then. It's my turn to bring the coffee stuff so I'd better go and get it all ready.

So many ideas, not enough time.


Wendy said...

Hi Maggie, re the click on pics, I find that if I upload highish res pictures, blogspot automatically re-sizes them on the page, but if you click on them you get the original full size. hth

Doreen G said...

Hi Maggie--I am like Dale the clickables just happen.
But what I did find out was if I upload the pictures first then do the writing around them all is ok but if I move the picture from one place to another then I find it won't enlarge.Don't know why this is though.
Don't know if that is any help to you or not.

Kate said...

I meant to tell you my funny Westonbirt story yesterday, but got sidetracked. It's not mine, but I share it anyway. Woman goes to Westonbirt one evening for a guided walk. All the trees are beautifully lit with spotlights. She can't think - is it for Hallowe'en perhaps? Guy Fawkes? She asks the guide if there's a special occasion to account for the lights and all? Yes madam, the guide replies. Autumn.
For someone who has no time, by the way, you achieve an awful lot more than I do! xx

Susan D said...

Hi Maggie here's how I get clickable photos "I download the photos from my camera and open them in Photoshop to check they are OK, not fuzzy or need the colour changing or lightening. Then I save them to a folder on my computer that I keep just for Blog photos as a Jpeg file. I then open the Jpeg in Paint then go to 'Image' - 'Stretch/Skew' and put down to 25% horizontal and 25%vertical (or 50% x 50% if you want larger) and then save them to another folder so I've got the originals if I want them for anything else. I upload them to Blogger as a medium size. I hope you can follow this.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Hi Maggie
When you upload your photos on blogger, you need to choose the "None" option... and the size does not matter though I usually choose medium, so it uploads quicker. .

If you do not want folks to be able to enlarge your photos then choose left or centre or right. easy peasy.... took me months to work it out!!
Best wishes

Maggie (the other 0ne)