Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thanks for all the advice. I think I have cracked it, so try it out and let me know. As we say in England - how was it for you!

Yesterday the man came and cleaned the oven - thank you, to whoever told me about that one. It looks like new and I can now leave the kitchen door open when cooking, without the smoke alarm (or, as it is known in our house, the dinner gong) going off. Next time I shall cook a duck the day before he comes. I love duck but it makes such a mess of the oven.

Have been shopping which was exhausting. I don't think Clive and I have recovered from our bug yet. We are fine when in hibernation mode but as soon as we go out we are shattered. This is worrying as I'm back to teaching this weekend. I expect the adrenelin will kick in and carry me along.
We are working on layers - both on the embelisher and sewing machine. I've been playing with Lutradur - nothing earth shattering, just layering up silk and metallic fibres on painted Lutradur.

Then laying on another painted piece and stitching. It's quite interesting how different patterns work so it is worth making a sampler with close stitching and open areas.

Then zap it - this one is half zapped as I want to save it for a teaching sample.

The one above is the other side. I also like to include snippets of net and painted lace.

I followed t'other Maggie's advice about selecting None and Medium for the size. We shall see.


Maggie Grey said...

Now they are too big - I shall have to experiment to get the size right. At least the detail shows, as does the fact that the last one isn't a great photo!

Susan D said...

It works for me. I've had an experiment if you don't alter the size before uploading it is very big so I think I'll stick with 25% - 30% and use 50% if I want people to be able to see the detail. I think it's a case of trial and error until you get what you want.

Doreen G said...

At least it is working Maggie.
I change the image when I download it from the camera into the computer camera program--my son-in-law showed me how.
when the photo has been sent to this program you click on F2 and the size pops up in a box it is around 2812(whatever that means) I then hilite it and change it to 600and this makes it the correct size.
Don't know if this helps or if you will even understand what I am saying as I really didn't understand when he was showing me.
There is probably an easier way but this works for me

Downunderdale said...

Because I have a downunder perspective on life - that means I can see better 'cos I am looking at things from a different perspective (!)- I don't change anything so mine are big or not - but I reckon your last one is good when it blows up - you can see the detail -

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Great work, and good to be able to see such detail.
I agree with Dale--I like them big.. and my perspective is from upandover... ;0)
I think thay the photos great as they are. But then I am biased!!
Best wishes
Maggie (t'other one)

The WestCountryBuddha said...

I've just found your blog and am enjoying reading about your techniques and inspirations. Thanks for sharing.

Digitalgran said...

Great, it worked Maggie. I love to see the details of your work. Mine are around 800 to 850 at the widest part, but I might try them at about 1000!