Friday, 28 September 2007

An Excellent Days Work

Ooh! What a lot of lovely comments - so good to hear from you all and special thanks, Nanouanne, for the offer of pics. I did take a lot when we were in Barcelona but, as I am very good at losing the vital CDs I may well take up your offer. The pic I used was taken from a bus - just the right height. I did give it a little bit of distortion, just used the Punch filter, I think.

I have found a way to get something like the gradient map effect using Paint Shop Pro. Open a page and use the fill tool to fill it with a gradient. Then open a landscape, building or whatever. Go back to the Gradient image and then use the displacement map (under Distortion in Effects). Use the second image to displace the gradient. I've had to use a pic of an embroidery to displace the image (I'm on Clive's machine at the moment) so it's not as clear as a building. I don't like the displacement filter on Elements. PSPs is better. Will do something on layers in Elements when I find out how. Possibly!

The dangerous book for Boys does seem to be more adult orientated. They never do grow up.

I've been stewarding at the Wessex textile exhib at Upton House. Had a great day. Met Fiona for lunch - they do a good lunch there. Nearly finished a biggish piece of stitching and then sold a piece of my work. Only a little piece, but good to know that someone wants it. Flushed with success I shall look for another to take tomorrow in its place.

Here are two of Maggie Hills landscapes. I do love her work. Back soon, folks - another day of stewarding tomorrrow and then it will be all go preparing for the free taster of Quiltwow. Exciting stuff.

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Aussie Jo said...

I love Maggie Hill's landscapes. The top one reminds me of a Grace Cossington Smith painting, similar perspective. She painted in Australia around early 1900's and has a famous painting of the Sydney Habour bridge as it was being built.