Sunday, 30 September 2007

Red Letter Week

This is an exciting day for us as the new Quiltwow site, with the free taster issue, has gone live. We decided to put it up a day earlier than planned as we were all ready and it's good to have a weekend to look at these things. You'll find it on

Actually, two people signed up while Clive was testing the site yesterday so welcome to them. Then more this morning - they must all have been lurking! Fiona will soon be sending out the message to all who asked to be reminded but this is advance warning for bloggers. I think it looks wonderful and Carol Dowsett, who is the editor, is doing a fantastic job. She's got some great people lined up for future issues. I am finding it hard to proof read for Quiltwow as I keep getting so interested in the content that I forget what I am supposed to be doing. Good thing we have such a sharp eyed team to do a proper job. Do let me know what you think of the Taster.

Launching things such as WoW, Quiltwow and the books I write are like sending your kids off to school for the first day! You feel protective and worry about them. Talking to other writers and editors I think this is a common feeling.

This is quite a week for us. As well as the Qwow launch I have my book manuscript sitting on the dresser, ready to be posted to Batsford and Clive has just sent off what he hopes will be his final dissertation in his last Open University Module. He has enjoyed most of the course but it is a huge time commitment and Fiona and I keep thinking of new jobs for him.

I've been playing with a few extra ideas for the book on using computer imagery and this little piece is based on printed tissue paper. Stitched to felt and zapped it looks OK with a dribble from the Melting Pot on top. I slapped on a stamp while the embossing powder was hot.

I still have time for a few more experiments as the photoshoot for the book is not until mid October. I also have a few other piccies to finish but I got a lot done in the last two days at the exhibition. Yesterday was very quiet but a few friends that I've not seen for ages came in, so that was lovely.

AussieJo (love the name) I think I have seen paintings by Grace Cossington Smith in the Melbourne gallery. Would that be right? Looking forward to seeing the bridge again in April. Love those ferries.

Lots of things to do this week - and the next Knitting and Stitching is looming. At this rate, I shall probably still be working on pieces for the book at the show ! I shall still blog on - my safety valve.


Anonymous said...

I saw a link to Quiltwow on Karen South's blog and am gonna subscribe. I can't wait for the first issue.

crafty pam said...

Have already printed out the postcard intructions from Quiltwow
and have started playing with Picasa-and have subscribed.Well done.

artisbliss said...

It's a gorgeous site, Maggie, and shows all the love and effort you put into it.

Ruth said...

Quiltwow looks fantastic! I'm not really a quilter but I may have to subscribe anyway for all the surface design stuff.