Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Cats and Courses

Well, halfway through my two day embellisher course and still can't resist the urge to blog. More about the course later. Janet - good luck with your blog - I'll keep an eye on it. Other Maggie - look forward to seeing you next week. May have more time for a chat - hope so.
Thanks, Gina for kind words on Workshop on the Web. Judging from the response we've had it seems to have pleased a lot of people. Much as I love hearing how much folk like it, I don't put all the nice things people say on the letters page. I find some of the mags which have whole pages taken up with this seem a bit smug. What do others think? On another topic, I think I have a couple of your students on my E&S course. I'll check names today.
Star - anyone who has ever had a cat will connect with your rug problem. My last cat lived to a great age and had a few 'accidents' in later life. The final indignity was when I really lashed out and bought an expensive rug The first day, she not only peed on it but scratched it madly to cover it up! You should get together wtth Artbliss for the cat trading (I think you are on the same continent) and save on shipping costs.

We're having fun on the course - overworking our embellishers and getting through a few needles. Here's a pic of one of Val's samples. Just strips of embellished fabric, cut up and applied to black felt with some figured net over the top. Very effective and, of course you could stitch your own pattern on the net.

Another thing I love about the machine is that you can just embellish the sides of a long strip together and you have a bag. This one is decorated with Tyvek and cut up carrier rods. It's waiting for a handle.

At the end of the day, yesterday, the class took off to see Yvonne Morton's wonderful exhibition. She is so good and came to talk us through the work and show her sketch books. There is a very encouraging rash of red spots. Then we went to an Italian restaurant for a god meal. Great Fun.
On with the day. Will take some photos of the results for you today.


Karen said...

Have just "found" your blog and I am delighted!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Workshop on the Web - and now I can bookmark your blog, Which has made me smile this morning.
Warm regards

Gina said...

Hi Maggie - yes I think you have Joan and Sandy with you this week. Then we're all off to France together for a week with Val Holmes - have they told you about it? We're very excited!

artisbliss said...

Gorgeous samples, Maggie. You must be having a ball.

I will entertain any and all offers for my extra kitties. I love them all, but nobody needs six cats!

Moira Anne Dickson said...

Love the the embellishing bits I've finally got one so will be checking out your publication soon, very soon.
While I'm here check out, he was at Stirling (Previously Galasheils with the Scottish branches)
Happy blogging!