Monday, 10 September 2007

Eggs n' stuff

I was all set to blog on Saturday when I got hi-jacked by the Parley four - as one set of grandchildren are known. Playing on the guilt factor (I've been so frantic work-wise that I have failed as a granny lately) they talked us into a trip to the movies. They wanted to see something horrid but we did a deal and went to Harry Potter. It was good and now my conscience is eased a little.

Artibliss: query on gilding wax. I use one called Liberon gilt cream which seems to stay on better than most, as long as you allow a couple of days drying time. Comes from Axminster Tools

Chrissy - glad you like the exhibition page. It certainly takes a lot of hits, which is good for our advertisers, who are also unrestricted. I think you have spotted a link in my offer to put Val photos up. After all that work I want lots of people to see them!

Yes Margaret, it was hard to choose a piece from Val's work and it was generous of them to offer her friends a keepsake - she had a big family and her work will be much loved by all her children and grandchildren.

I promised you another piece from the embellisher course and I think that this one from Sandy will be interesting. It's not finished yet but it is woven strips on an embellished background.

The strips at the top have trapped pipe cleaners and the bottom strip will work in a similar way but with tassels. Hope Sandy will show us the finished piece. Everyone did super work but my photos were not good - too much in a rush at the end. Otherwise they'd all have been shown here.

A quick Val pic as it won't be easy to see this in a cabinet at the show. It is Val's 'Book of Eggs' that she produced for a photographic distance learning course. I think her tutor was quite blown away. Imagine having Val as a student.

The books shows everything possible to do with eggs, plus quite a few things that no one else would think of!


artisbliss said...

Thanks for the liberon gilding wax suggestion. I'm on the trail of finding some here in the US.

I'm glad you spent the weekend with your grandchildren. I'm so grateful for my own mom's influence on and time with my boys. You never get their childhood back, so make the best of it!

Carol Wiebe said...

Hi Maggie! I am so pleased to have found this blog. I am a great fan of your work. And I, too, am an art-loving granny. I try to minimize the "guilt" thing by reminding myself that it is very good for my grandchildren to observe their grandmother producing work that is great fun and brings her joy. This attitude was successful with their dad--not that long ago I was an art-loving Mom who also wanted to be a role model for showing my children the importance of art in my life. It has never just been a hobby with me. It's a calling! And my son is a highly talented, very creative person. So is his brother. Of course, mothers and grandmothers are not known for having objective views of their offspring.