Monday, 12 November 2007

Lots of Layering

Glad you all liked the rust pieces. I was interested in Sharon's need to distress the silk. Will have to experiment with other fabrics that more readily disintegrate. I'm all for the happy accident in both art and textiles. Sometimes the problem lies in remembering how you achieved it.

The weekend class is over and I always feel rather sad. Exhausted, too. (Serious catching up with the Sunday papers is on the agenda today). The course was good - a bit experimental and we took a few risks but they all have some great samples and most have nearly finished pieces to work on. Here are some pics - the light was not great for photos and I had to scuttle round a bit as I don't like to waste teaching time - but they give a flavour. Sadly, some didn't come out too well, so it's a fairly random selection.

This piece (above) by Jenny Younger is a detail of a Lutradur trapping which has been zapped with a heat gun.

A good example of layering from Jackie Wyatt. A three dimensional effect is given with puff painted Thermogauze.

Ann Goodwin has a great idea for her samples - she brings dear little luggage tags and writes the method on them. This motif from layered stitched felt was lovely but the photo doesn't do it justice.

The piece above, by Marion Whitby shows the true layers effect. On a background of velvet we've added foil, organza and zapped Thermogauze. This is in the process of having layered felt motifs applied.

I'll show some more tomorrow. Meanwhile - the papers call.


Doreen G said...

The pics are great Maggie and good to see that you have mastered the clickables now.

chrissythreads said...

Looks like a really interesting time was had by all. I purchased some Lutradur at the K&S but have only gotten around to using it today. I would also like to recommend little labels for samples. One of my tutors recommended it a while back and I now have a whole range of sizes suitable for anything from mini to extra big. It really helps remembering how effects were achieved.

Ruth said...

Looks like the class was great fun. That sample by Ann Goodwin is beautiful.

artisbliss said...

I love being able to zoom in on your photos now. The blue green piece is great. Look at my new blog post and tell me what you think of one of my first really layered pieces.

Becky Mairi Farrell said...

I love the layering in these samples. I am always so inspired by texture and will be working on a sampler book over the next few months combining fine art materials and processes with mixed media. I love the luggage tag idea for the samples and may plagiarise that for my book!

Digitalgran said...

Looks like it was a great class as usual Maggie. What a great idea by Ann to take those labels along!