Sunday, 18 November 2007

Not Trying a Movie

I'm glad you miss me Doreen. I have to say that writing this blog does feel like writing to a mate. It's quite an odd feeling though when I go to do a talk or a class - everyone knows so much about me. Strangely, they seem much more interested in the cat's latest adventures than in my work!

It is raining here too, Daniela. Horrid and cold and dark. A long way from the Distant Stitch Summer School where we last met.

Arti (it's no good, you are stuck with that name) I'll ask Jane - I suspect that it was washes of Golden's quinacridone paint, used as glazes, but will enquire further. Jane has done far more with glazes than I have, but I love the effects so will have to play more.

Yesterday was a bit of a disaster on the birdwatching front. Having handed over Sian's work we set off for one of the RSPB reserves. Even though we are members, they are very coy about giving the locations of these in the handbook and we usually browse the web, but we forgot. After driving around for nearly an hour and narrowly avoiding get drawn into Glastonbury carnival as a float (we could have labelled ourselves 'Navigators, Failed') we went to Montacute House (National Trust) instead. This turned out to be a good move, as they had an excellent farmer's market and we wandered around, having little tastings and spending a fortune. Then a good lunch in their restaurant before heading for home.

I am going to try to tag a video on the end of this blog. If it is not there you will know that I have failed. It is just a quick one looking at applying lovely velvet ribbons (from Mulberyy Silks) with the embellisher. I cut the selvedges and the ribbons sink into the background. Here is a pic of the result.

And another one showing the ribbons used as a frame for patterned silk.

This may, or may not, be the video!
It isn't the video. It uploaded pretty quickly and then muttered to itself for an hour. I'm giving up and going out. Will try again sometime with a very small movie. Shame.


Liz said...

sorry the movie didn't work - maybe you should think about using a mac software ( don't need to worry about renewing the virus software either!)
Did the piece of work inspired by the Oliver twists silver birch pack dated 8 OCt get finished - did I miss it?
I have the same pack sitting on my desk -bought i because I liked the colours and was looking forward to seeing what you did with it.
Liz in Sydney

sharon young said...

These are lovely textural pieces I particularly like the colours too
Sorry the movie didn't work but keep at it I'm sure you'll get there in the end. You did the right thing though , if in doubt leave well alone , in disgust, and go for a walk! Chances are it'll be over it's sulk and work first time when you try again!

Penny said...

Looks really interesting Maggie, I love the colours.
trouble with blogs we all feel we know each other really well.
How are your plans for coming to Oz in April coming on?