Friday, 9 November 2007

A Saw Point

I think I have cracked it - it all hangs on the pic size, as you say, Susan. All except dog pic should go bigger when clicked. I've resized to a max 0f 600 pixels (in any direction). This is slightly bigger than I'd use for WoW but it seems to give a good balance between enormous and tiddly. I find PSP good for resizing as you can specify a percentage or make it exact.

Dale, it adds a whole new meaning to perspective. You will laugh when you see 'your' photos in my next book. I used the one of the three coloured pots quite a lot!

Welcome to the wittering rainbow - a woman after my own heart. Listing 'staring at things' and 'looking up chimneys' as interests on your profile, rings lots of bells with me. Also 'walking old lurchers'. This was my little lurcher, sadly departed some time ago. She was a whippet/terrier cross but as she got older her whippety bit filled in and she looked like a little golden lab. She lived to be eighteen. When we retire we shall have another dog.

While sorting out stuff for the course I found this bit of rust dying.

It came from a very rusty old saw. You can see the shape of the saw in the silk. Clive wishes it to be known that it was not his saw. He says he looks after his! It was very rusty and there are lovely coloured bits in it. I sprinkled it with white vinegar and salt, wrapped fine silk around it and encased it in cling-film. Then I forgot about it for about a week. I think that is why it worked so well.

The details are great. Next week I shall try using them as Displacement maps. On with the packing for the Layers of Stitch course. Hopefully, will have pics of it next week.


artisbliss said...

How wonderfully serendipitous (I hope that's a word). I'm anxious to see what the rusty saw silk turns into. I had a college art prof. who talked about "happy accidents" in art, and the longer I make things, the more I understand what she meant. Often things like that are just springboards for creativity.

chrissythreads said...

I love these rust dyed pieces. The top one reminds me of walking through an enchanted wood whilst the bottom one looks very Japanese. I must have a go at this all I need to do is pinch something to go rusty (or I could just wrap it around me I suppose!)

verobirdie said...

The details of that rust dyed piece are amazing. I like the contrast between the blue left and the rust. You will have fun with it!

Susan D said...

You've definitely cracked it your photos are just the right size now don't you think. Wow those rust dyed pieces are amazing, puts my efforts to shame.

Susan Lenz said...

Love catching up with your blog today...the pictures are absolutely wonderful!

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Thank you for your kind welcome - and I love the photo of your doggy - he looks full of beans. Mine is 14 and is still going strong although he has developed a bit of a wobble in his back legs when he stand still for too long - love him to bits. Oh, and I love the rusty bits too!!

sharon young said...

Hi Maggie
Finally got to browse through your blog, what a treat!
The rust experiment looks very exciting, just what I need for my current project. I would neen to find a way of destroying the silk as i need the back ground of my puece to show through.I don't suppose the results would be the same with a nylon shere!